SSL Certificates

RoseHosting has partnered with GeoTrust, a world-wide leader in SSL security technology, to bring you the best SSL Certificates, at unbelievable prices with discounts up to 35% off GeoTrust's retail prices.


GeoTrust QuickSSL

A low-priced SSL certificate delivered to you very quickly! QuickSSL certificates use up to 256-bit encryption, depending on the client browser capability and the cipher suite installed on your web server. A GeoTrust True Site Seal is included. A great value at an unbeatable price.


GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium

This SSL certificate includes a Site Seal with date/time stamp and it is compatible with most mobile and smartphone browsers.

Save 27% off GeoTrust's retail price of $149.00


GeoTrust True BusinessID

Provides end-to-end internet security protection for doing business online. Secure transactions through SSL and full organization validation from True SiteĀ® - so you're completely covered!

Save 35% off GeoTrust's retail price of $199.00


SSL server authentication allows users to confirm a Web Server's identity. SSL-enabled client software, such as a Web browser, can automatically check that a server's certificate and public ID are valid and have been issued by a certificate authority (CA) - such as GeoTrust - listed in the client software's list of trusted CAs. SSL server authentication is vital for secure e-commerce transactions.

An encrypted SSL connection requires all information sent between a client and a server to be encrypted by the sending software and decrypted by the receiving software, protecting private information from interception over the Internet. In addition, all data sent over an encrypted SSL connection is protected with a mechanism for detecting tampering - that is, for automatically determining whether the data has been altered in transit. This means that users can confidently send private data, such as credit card numbers, to a web site, trusting that SSL keeps it private and confidential.

The lifecycle of an SSL Certificate

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