What is Managed Hosting?

What is Managed Hosting

Managed hosting refers to the process of hiring a web hosting provider for a day-to-day management of system hardware, software, and servers. In simpler terms, when you outsource the job of managing your websites, it is called managed hosting.

Suppose, you are hosting an e-commerce website through web-hosting providers, and instead of letting your IT staff update OS packages, implement security patches, update website installations, etc., you ask the hosting provider support team to do this job on your behalf. Then, this agreement regarding the management of your website is called managed hosting.

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LiteSpeed Benefits Over Other Servers for WordPress Hosting

litespeed benefits over other servers for wordpress hosting

The purpose of web servers is to store files belonging to a website and broadcasting them further online to your audiences. Web hosting is simply the service offered by hosting providers where they lease web server resources to other users.

litespeed benefits for wordpress hosting

One of the oldest and one of the most popular web servers is the Apache server. Up until recently, this was the most popular web server however it has been surpassed by one other, its most fierce competitors. According to w3techs.com Apache powers around 33.4% of all websites while Nginx powers 34%, however, the real difference can be seen with some of the largest and most popular websites out there. This is where Apache often fails.

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How to Rewrite URLs with mod_rewrite for Apache on Ubuntu 20.04

rewrite urls with mod_rewrite for apache on ubuntu 20.04

The mod_rewrite is an Apache module that uses a rule-based rewriting engine. It is used for translating and redirecting the requested URL to a new URL. It allows a URL to be changed dynamically. So the visitor never sees the URL change in the address bar. With mod_rewrite, you can rewrite an unlimited number of rules. This will allow you to rewrite the URL based on environment variables, HTTP headers, and server variables.

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MongoDB Replica Set with Master-Slave Replication and Automated Failover

A replica set is a group of MongoDB database nodes used for defining database clusters with master-slave replication and automated failover. A replica set contains a single primary node, multiple secondary nodes, and an arbiter node. The primary node receives all write operations while other nodes apply operations from the primary so that all nodes have the same data set.

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What is High Availability Hosting?

what is high availability hosting

When a server acts as the host for a website or an application, it is the backbone of this website or application’s functionality. The server provides resources with which the application can run on, as well as an internet connection that can allow for input from outside sources to occur, as well as output to other servers/systems. Therefore, it is vital that the server hosting your website/application is in working order and has its resources and capabilities available to be utilized at all times.

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How to Install Java on Ubuntu 20.04

how to install java on ubuntu 20.04
installing java on ubuntu 20.04

Let’s talk about how to install Java on Ubuntu 20.04. What is Java? Java is a free, open-source, and most popular language used for developing mobile and desktop applications, and it can run on all major operating systems. There are different implementations of Java, including JRE, OpenJDK, and Oracle JDK. Let’s understand the difference between JRE, OpenJDK, and Oracle JDK.

Oracle JDK: It is the official Oracle version of the Java Development Kit. It has a few additional commercial features and permits only non-commercial use of the software.
JRE: Java Runtime Environment consists of the Java virtual machine and binaries used to run Java programs.
OpenJDK: Java Development Kit includes the JRE and development tools and libraries required to build Java applications.

This tutorial will explain how to install Java 8, Java 11, and Oracle Java 15 on Ubuntu 20.04 server.

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How to Install Reveal.js on Ubuntu 20.04 and Create a Simple Presentation

How to Install Reveal.js on Ubuntu 20.04 and Create a Simple Presentation
install reveal.js on ubuntu 20.04 easy guide

reveal.js is a free and open-source HTML framework that can be used to create fully-featured presentations through a web browser. It is built on open web technologies. It has a rich set of features including, Markdown content, nested slides, PDF export, and JavaScript APIs for controlling the slide navigation.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to install Reveal.js on Ubuntu 20.04.

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