How to Rewrite URLs with mod_rewrite for Apache on Ubuntu 20.04

rewrite urls with mod_rewrite for apache on ubuntu 20.04

The mod_rewrite is an Apache module that uses a rule-based rewriting engine. It is used for translating and redirecting the requested URL to a new URL. It allows a URL to be changed dynamically. So the visitor never sees the URL change in the address bar. With mod_rewrite, you can rewrite an unlimited number of rules. This will allow you to rewrite the URL based on environment variables, HTTP headers, and server variables.

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Multisite WordPress Cluster Auto Installation

multisite wordpress cluster auto installation

If you have multiple standalone WordPress websites, then it’s a good idea to go with WordPress multisite network.
Multisite WordPress installation allows you to create and manage multiple WordPress websites from a single dashboard. This way, you can edit and update all of your websites from a single place. You can also install and activate plugins and themes for multiple sites at once.

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MongoDB Replica Set with Master-Slave Replication and Automated Failover

A replica set is a group of MongoDB database nodes used for defining database clusters with master-slave replication and automated failover. A replica set contains a single primary node, multiple secondary nodes, and an arbiter node. The primary node receives all write operations while other nodes apply operations from the primary so that all nodes have the same data set.

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Glassfish and Payara Auto-clustering: Running Java EE Highly-available Applications In The Cloud

Building a highly-available clustered infrastructure is one of the most commonly used solutions to achieve 100% uptime for your application. In a clustered environment, there is a number of interconnected instances running the same stack and operating the same data. So cluster is able to handle more load than a single server. It will also add more servers automatically to the cluster as per application demand.

In this guide, we will show you how to deploy Java EE applications using Glassfish and Payara auto-clustering on the RoseHosting Cloud platform.

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What is High Availability Hosting?

what is high availability hosting

When a server acts as the host for a website or an application, it is the backbone of this website or application’s functionality. The server provides resources with which the application can run on, as well as an internet connection that can allow for input from outside sources to occur, as well as output to other servers/systems. Therefore, it is vital that the server hosting your website/application is in working order and has its resources and capabilities available to be utilized at all times.

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How to Enable ModSecurity Web Application Firewall inside NGINX Server on the RoseHosting Cloud platform

how to enable modsecurity web application firewall inside nginx server

Nginx is a free, open-source, and one of the most popular web servers and reverses proxy servers. Mostly, it is used for load balancing and high-performance websites. It offers a rich set of features including, TCP and UDP proxying, auto-indexing, error code redirection, SSL support, fault tolerance, and many more.

ModSecurity is an open-source web application firewall that protects your web server from different kinds of attacks. You can enable this module with Nginx to block some attacks including, SQL injection, bad user agents, session hijacking, trojans, and more.

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Enterprise WordPress Hosting: Automatic Scaling and High Availability

enterprise wordpress hosting: automatic scaling and high availability

High availability and performance are the key aspects when choosing the web hosting provider. If you have a heavy website, there are a lot of processing like importing, exporting, calculations, etc. As a result, chances to max out the CPU and disk are the mortal enemy of real-time transactions. Your website visitors also demand a fast loading time, and if you are unable to resolve this issue, this leads to loss of interest from your visitors, loss of sales and loss of SEO rank.

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