MariaDB-as-a-Service in RoseHosting Cloud Platform

mariadb as a service in rh cloud platform

Do you know what is MariaDB and what the purpose of the MariaDB service is? Don’t worry, we will explain and dig deeper into the meaning of it, and what can be achieved using this type of service.

mariadb saas in rosehosting cloud platform

MariaDB is one of the most popular open-source database servers in the world. Designed by the MySQL developers, MariaDB offers fastness, scalability, and robustness. It has a reach storage engine and many tools designed as replacements for MySQL. As a service, MariaDB is offered by our RoseHosting Cloud platform and more about the installation, configuration and benefits will be explained in the next few paragraphs. Let’s start!

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Tomcat and TomEE Clustering Automation

tomcat and tomee clustering automation

Tomcat is an open-source web server and servlet container developed by the Apache Software Foundation, it was initially known as Jakarta Tomcat or Tomcat. If you want to deploy and execute Java applications that are written in Java technologies including Java Servlet, Java Server Pages (JSP), etc, then you require Tomcat. TomEE is built on top of Tomcat. It is the Java Enterprise Edition of Apache Tomcat (Tomcat + Java EE = TomEE).

tomcat tomee autoclustering

If you have a website running on a production server with a Tomcat environment, your website might get thousands of web requests per minute. At this point, you most likely feel that the memory resources usage in one Tomcat JVM become overwhelmed. To prevent your server from going down or unresponsive, you can configure a Tomcat cluster by placing two or more Tomcat servers. A cluster is a group of servers that communicate with one another, and the Tomcat instance in a Tomcat cluster is often referred to as a node. Clustering instances of Tomcat make them interconnected.

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Cloud Managed Services: What, How, and Why Businesses Need Them

cloud managed services

What are Cloud Managed Services?

Today, thousands of companies are leveraging cloud-managed services, seeing the exceptional benefits it reaps. Cloud-managed service is a solution that offers skilled resources to manage organizations’ IT infrastructure and in-house functionalities. These services are employed by collaborating with a third-party MSP (managed service provider) via cloud servers.

Cloud managed services have a purpose of filling up the cloud management gaps, cut off costs, and enhance operational efficiencies altogether. In cloud-managed services, the organizations outsource the IT management for their entire cloud-based tech stack and related technical support. Such MSPs will handle your cloud computing needs, automate most business workflows, and improve efficiencies. These include monitoring, disaster recovery, back-ups, performance testing, and reporting.

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LiteSpeed Benefits Over Other Servers for WordPress Hosting

litespeed benefits over other servers for wordpress hosting

The purpose of web servers is to store files belonging to a website and broadcasting them further online to your audiences. Web hosting is simply the service offered by hosting providers where they lease web server resources to other users.

litespeed benefits for wordpress hosting

One of the oldest and one of the most popular web servers is the Apache server. Up until recently, this was the most popular web server however it has been surpassed by one other, its most fierce competitors. According to Apache powers around 33.4% of all websites while Nginx powers 34%, however, the real difference can be seen with some of the largest and most popular websites out there. This is where Apache often fails.

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Highly-Loaded PHP Applications with LiteSpeed Web Server

Highly-Loaded PHP Applications with LiteSpeed Web Server

LiteSpeed is a free, open-source, small, lightweight, and is Apache alternative web server that conserves resources without sacrificing performance, security, or convenience. It streamlined event-driven architecture and capable of handling thousands of concurrent connections with minimum memory and CPU. It is compatible with Apache’s mod_security, .htaccess and mod_rewrite features and built-in DDoS protection such as bandwidth and connection throttling.

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How to install PHP 7.4 With Nginx on Ubuntu 20.04

install php 7.4 with nginx on ubuntu 20.04

PHP is one of the most popular server scripting languages used for creating dynamic pages. Many popular CMS is written in PHP including, WordPress, Laravel, Magento, and many more.

The PHP 7.4 version was officially released on November 28th, 2019 with a number of new features. It has also few incompatibilities so you should take care before upgrading from the previous version.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to install PHP7.4 with Nginx on Ubuntu 20.04 server.

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How to Enable ModSecurity Web Application Firewall inside NGINX Server on the RoseHosting Cloud platform

how to enable modsecurity web application firewall inside nginx server

Nginx is a free, open-source, and one of the most popular web servers and reverses proxy servers. Mostly, it is used for load balancing and high-performance websites. It offers a rich set of features including, TCP and UDP proxying, auto-indexing, error code redirection, SSL support, fault tolerance, and many more.

ModSecurity is an open-source web application firewall that protects your web server from different kinds of attacks. You can enable this module with Nginx to block some attacks including, SQL injection, bad user agents, session hijacking, trojans, and more.

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Why Using A Caching System Can Help Improve Website Growth And Speed?

caching system helps improve website growth and speed

Website Caching system is undoubtedly one of the most promising technologies available, which can help your website grow remarkably. According to experts, there are several benefits of a caching system for any website. It can help enhance your website loading speed, better SEO (search engine optimization) score, and much more. Here in this post, we will give you complete knowledge about the caching system and how it can help improve your website growth and speed.

So read the post till the end to grab complete knowledge! Let’s get started.

Before going further, it’s necessary to understand what is a caching system.

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How to Speed up Your Nginx Website

How to Speed up Your Nginx Website

In this tutorial, we will explain how to tune and optimize your Nginx configuration file to help speed up your website’s performance.

Nginx is a fast, lightweight, and high-performance web server in charge of serving at least 40% of all websites globally. When compared to other web servers, Nginx is primarily known for its speed, with it capable of handling thousands of concurrent connections with ease. Nginx can also be used as a load balancer, a reverse proxy, and an HTTP caching server. It uses little resources and is ideal for delivering static content.

To help further improve performance, Nginx has a built-in caching system that allows dynamic requests to be cached directly on the server for future requests, thereby reducing the load on your CPU and system in general.

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