How to install TinyWebGallery on a Linux VPS

This is a tutorial on how to install TinyWebGallery on a Linux VPS. The TinyWebGallery is an open source web gallery / photo album application. The TinyWebGallery is XML based so there is no database needed. It supports the following image formats: JPG, GIF and PNG. Files can be upload with the TWG Flash Uploader integrated into TinyWebGallery or via FTP. Some of the features included in TinyWebGallery are: full screen mode, text and image watermarks, video/audio support like avi, mov, mp3, mpg, swf, videos from Youtube and Myvideo etc. This web gallery application requires PHP version greater than 4.3 and GD library (graphics drawing library that provides tools for manipulating image data) version greater than gd-2.0.1 in order to use the complete functionality of TinyWebGallery.

The TinyWebGallery is very easy to install, simply go to TinyWebGallery’s official website and download the latest version of the platform available:

wget http://www.tinywebgallery.com/download.php?tinywebgallery=latest

Extract the downloaded zip file to the Document Root directory of your website:

unzip twg*.zip -d /var/www/html/gallery/
mv /var/www/html/gallery/twg19/* /var/www/html/gallery/

Change the permissions of the files and directories inside the ‘/var/www/html/gallery/’ directory so they are owned by the web server user:

chown apache:apache -R /var/www/html/gallery/

Edit your ‘php.ini’ file and add/modify the following settings:

upload_max_filesize = 20M
post_max_size = 20M

To find the location of ‘php.ini’ file on the server, execute the following command:

php -i | grep php.ini
Configuration File (php.ini) Path => /etc
Loaded Configuration File => /etc/php.ini

To use the ‘Upload Flash’ option you maybe have to copy a .htaccess file to the directory of the upload flash (admin/upload):

cd /var/www/html/gallery/admin/upload
unzip htaccess.zip

Create a new virtual host in Apache:

<VirtualHost *:80>
ServerAdmin admin@your-domain.com
    DocumentRoot /var/www/html/gallery/
    ServerName www.your-domain.com
 Options FollowSymLinks
         AllowOverride All
    ErrorLog logs/your-domain.com-error_log
    CustomLog logs/your-domain.com-access_log common

Restart Apache for the changes to take effect.

Log in to the TinyWebGallery administration back-end at http://www.your-domain.com/admin/index.php and change the default admin password:

User: admin
    Default password: twg_admin

Enable session caching and set all important parameters under ‘Configuration’ in the TinyWebGallery administrator back-end, then click ‘Save’.

Of course you don’t have to do any of this if you use one of our Linux VPS Hosting services, in which case you can simply ask our expert linux admins to install TinyWebGallery for you. They are available 24×7 and will take care of your request immediately.

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  • Thanks for this information. That is very easy process to install the application on a linux vps. Anyone can follow this process and easily install this software on a linux vps

  • Do you have additional info on wget, the latest download using wget does not contain a zip file



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