VPS Hosting vs Shared Hosting

vps hosting vs shared hosting

A VPS or a virtual private server provides a complete resource isolation, meaning the hardware resources like CPU, hard disk space and memory assigned to a specific virtual server are dedicated and fully available to it at all times. In a shared hosting environment all accounts on the physical server share the resources of the host server and many resources are capped and limited in order to save the host server from unexpected overuse.

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Why is a Linux VPS a better choice than a Windows VPS

Linux VPS server better than Windows VPS serverLinux VPS hosting has become very popular among businesses, programmers and developers nowadays, mainly due to its many advantages in terms of cost effectiveness, flexibility, better performance, security, stability, reliability and functionality of course. As an operating system GNU/Linux became the world’s most dominant hosting solution for Internet hosting businesses mainly because of the many benefits you’ll get by using it on your servers.

So, why is a Linux based VPS better choice than a Windows based VPS?

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