100+ self-hosted alternatives to popular services

Most of us use online services like Gmail, Dropbox, Skype, Evernote etc. on a daily basis without having control over the service. However, now it’s easier than ever to find a self-hosted alternative to your favorite online service and have complete control over it. In this article, we will share a huge list of self-hosted alternatives to popular online services.

Find alternatives to:

Google Analytics
WordPress, Joomla, Drupal
Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox
Gmail, Yahoo Mail
Google Reader, Feedly
Google Docs, Microsoft Office Online
Evernote, OneNote, Google Keep
Skype, Slack, HipChat
Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Mozilla Thunderbird’s Calendar
Zendesk, UserVoice, Freshdesk
Disqus, Facebook Comments, IntenseDebate
Facebook, Twitter
Wikia, Wikipedia
Shopify, Gumroad, Sellfy
Imgur, Flickr, ImageShack
SugarCRM, Zoho, Nutshell
TinyURL, goo.gl, CloudApp

One of the reasons why we love our servers (and we love them a lot!) is that everyone gets full root access. This means that you are in full control over your server while still having the dedicated, EPIC 24/7 support. You can install any software and application you want to. There are many options to choose from when it comes to self-hosted alternatives to hosted services. But first off, what are the differences?

A disclaimer: we may be a bit biased, as we really love and support the open source community. We are always open to criticism and suggestions, though. So let us know in the comments if there’s anything you think we should change.


Hosted services vs self-hosted software



Limited control over your website Full control over your website and software
There’s no transparency of what’s happening with your data 100% private data, nobody but you will have access to it
Limited amount of bandwidth, memory You are free to use all your server’s resources
Limited amount of plugins and themes You can install any plugin or theme you want to
Looks unprofessional if your website has a subdomain of the service you are using You can use your own custom domain name
Usually, has advertisements placed by the service providers You can add your own advertisements or not have them at all
Easier to use for beginners Requires experience with servers*

*Unless you are hosted with us. If you get a server from RoseHosting.com, we’ll install and configure any application and software you want, for free! You don’t need any experience with servers when you have our EPIC 24/7 support team available at your disposal.

Using a hosted solution is, in most cases, a better option. And if you ask us, it’s definitely more fun! Having full control over your server and installing only what you need, while learning new things is awesome. Why depend on someone else or even pay for something you won’t even use? Get a VPS and craft your server to your likings. There’s nothing better than having everything you want and need, nothing more and nothing less.

Now, to the main part of our post:

Best self-hosted alternatives to popular online services

In our 15+ years of experience, we’ve come across thousands and thousands of applications and online services. Each and every one of them different in its own way. Some of them were good, some of them were bad. But hey, even some bad self-hosted alternatives are still a better option then the “good” hosted ones.

You should check out AlternativeTo. It’s a community-driven website where you can get recommendations and recommend alternatives to different software and services. While you’re at it, you can like us on AlternativeTo. It would really mean a lot to us. Much appreciated.

Ok, so let’s start our list.

Self-hosted alternatives to Google Analytics

Although Google Analytics is a very powerful and capable service, some users may want to use a self-hosted alternative and keep their data hosted on their servers only. There are quite a few options for analytics software and most of them are free. Here are some of our recommendations:

Self-hosted blogging platforms (WordPress.com alternatives)

WordPress.org, Joomla! and Drupal are obvious and quite popular choices, so we’ll get them out of the way. There are a lot more blogging platforms that you can use as an alternative to WordPress.com, Blogger.com, Tumblr etc. All of them are worth a try. Here are some of our favorites that deserve a shout-out:

Self-hosted alternatives to Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox…

If you are dealing with valuable and private data (or if you’re just a bit paranoid), you should host it on your own, secure private server. Unlike the hosted versions, you are not limited by space, besides that of your own server. Beware – if you don’t set up your VPS properly, your valuable data may be insecure. Get a VPS with us and our EPIC 24/7 Support Team will help you harden your server and give you some tips on how to safely use your own server with private data. Now, to the alternatives:

We have to mention this again – if you do not set up your server and storage application properly, your data will become vulnerable. If you are a beginner and you don’t know your way around servers, you are better off using a hosted version. You can always contact your hosting provider’s support team to help you with your server. If they don’t have support or won’t help you, join us. We will migrate your data for FREE and we will make sure your server is securely up and running 100% of the time.

Self-hosted alternatives to Gmail, Yahoo Mail…

If you are into privacy and keeping your data really private, then a self-hosted e-mail solution would work best for you.

Mail clients and servers deal with personal and valuable data. Like your personal cloud, your mail servers should be properly set up and secure. And again, we cannot stress this enough – if you don’t know how to set up and secure your email, you are better off using a hosted version or you can get hosting from us and we’ll do it for you, for free.

Self-hosted alternatives to Google Reader, Feedly…

Like everyone else, we like to stay updated on different topics. We follow a lot of blogs, especially from the open source community. RSS readers are a great way to do that. Sure, you can open each blog manually and see if they have anything new, but with RSS readers you have everything updated automatically in a single place.

The good thing about most feed readers is that they don’t require many resources, so you can even host them on our shared hosting plans, along with a few other applications of your choice, without experiencing any hiccups or server problems.


Self-hosted alternatives to Google Docs, Microsoft Office Online…

Maybe you’ve been using the desktop versions of Microsoft Office, LibreOffice and OpenOffice, but lately, there’s been an increase in users that want everything to be synced and easily accessible from everywhere. This is where (self)hosted office suites come in handy.

Self-hosted alternatives to Evernote, OneNote, Google Keep…

Taking notes is a life saver. Doing it quick and easy is a bonus. Does anyone use offline, real-world notes anymore? If you need a self-hosted alternative to note-taking software like Evernote, then try some of these:

Self-hosted alternatives to Skype, Slack, HipChat…

Every team needs some sort of chat software. There’s no real teamwork without communication, especially if you are in the tech world. Businesses do share quite a lot of sensitive information between teammates and it’s totally reasonable for them to use a self-hosted, private chat software on their private server. As always, it’s inevitable for your server to be properly secured in order to keep your data private and secure. So let’s start with the self-hosted chat software:

Self-hosted alternatives to Trello

Project management software makes teamwork..work. A team can’t do anything if it’s not properly organized. This is where self-hosted project-management software comes in handy. There’s quite a lot of self-hosted project management apps to choose from as alternatives to Trello, and choose them wisely. They are an important part of your teamwork.

Yes, we know you know, but just a friendly reminder: security is important. You should properly secure your server if you are working on confidential and private projects.

Self-hosted alternatives to GitHub

GitHub is probably the most famous git repository solution out there. It’s always nice to have options, though. Especially if you want to keep your repositories as private as you can, on your own server. Here are some self-hosted git repository software as an alternative to GitHub:

Self-hosted alternatives to Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Mozilla Thunderbird’s Calendar…

There are a lot of hosted and desktop calendars out there. All of them have something great to offer. There are quite a lot of self-hosted alternatives too, some of which are:

Self-hosted alternatives to Zendesk, UserVoice, Freshdesk…

Managing tickets and having fast and efficient responses are our priorities. We know how important it is for your customers to be happy with the services they are getting. The support is one of the most important deciding factors when choosing a hosting provider. Same goes for every company that offers support. If you are using a ticketing system, here are some apps you can use:

If you do use a self-hosted ticketing system, keep your server secure! You don’t want intruders going through the data of your clients.

Self-hosted alternatives to Disqus, Facebook Comments, IntenseDebate…

If you are already using a self-hosted CMS, why not keep it all self-hosted? There’s a number of self-hosted commenting systems to choose from. Here are some of them:

Self-hosted alternatives to Facebook, Twitter…

Wanna build your own social network? There are quite a lot of solutions for self-hosted social networks. And again, you’ll have to try them out and do a bit of research and decide which one suits you the most. Here are a few:

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Self-hosted alternatives to Wikia, Wikipedia…

Private and self-hosted wikis are perfect for teams that need an internal database of information. It’s also a good idea to use a self-hosted wiki for the documentation of your open-source software. Here’s our list of self-hosted wikis:

Self-hosted alternatives to Shopify, Gumroad, Sellfy…

For what they are, hosted ecommerce solutions are great. They are easy to setup and use, but they do take a % of all your earnings, which is a big deal if you sell something expensive or if you sell a lot of products. Those commissions add up. When the time comes for you to update your store but you can’t, since you are limited by the service provider, you’ll need to decide on which self-hosted ecommerce platform to use. The best part of self-hosted ecommerce solutions is that you don’t pay any commissions for the products you sell and of course, you can customize your store however you want to. Here are some examples of software you can use:

You own a store. You sell stuff. You are dealing with credit card information. Your website has to be secure! Do NOT run an online store without an SSL certificate. Get a certificate at least for the domain/pages where you receive payments and customer information. Get an SSL certificate from us, they are hugely discounted and if you buy hosting from us, we’ll setup your SSL for free.

Self-hosted alternatives to LastPass

Password managers are really useful and they come in-handy when you have a lot of different accounts and passwords. People usually don’t like to use a password manager hosted by a third-party, which is understandable. The safest you can be is to use your own (properly secured) server and host your own password manager. Here are some of our recommendations:

Self-hosted alternatives to Imgur, Flickr, ImageShack…

A good self-hosted photo gallery is a must-have if you are a photographer, or if you just want more privacy. Host your images on your own server and don’t rely on someone else to keep them online. A service may be discontinued anytime and if you don’t have any backups, you’ll loose all your images. Self-hosting images is the right way to go. You can use:

All of these applications provide extra features for managing and uploading your images. If your sole purpose is to upload and store images, you can do it via an FTP server and through the terminal. You can even upload them on your private cloud storage with Nextcloud and ownCloud.

Self-hosted alternatives to SugarCRM, Zoho, Nutshell…

Start self-hosting everything in your company. Don’t pay too much for online CRM service subscriptions. Don’t get limited by 3rd parties. When it comes to CRMs, there are a lot to choose from, so you’ll have to get the one that suits you the most. You can try these out:

Self-hosted alternatives to bit.ly, TinyURL, goo.gl, CloudApp…

If you own a short domain then you can use it to shorten your links. You don’t have to rely on third-party services and you can have your own branded URL shortener. For example, we use https://rho.st. Using a self-hosted URL shortener is really useful if you’d like to stick to your own brand name and keep your privacy. You’ll have full control over your short links and that means no sudden removals and more reliability.

As you can clearly see, you can have everything you’ll ever need completely self-hosted on your own server. You don’t have to rely on someone else and have annoying limits. You don’t have to pay extra for features you get for free with self-hosted software. Most of the applications in this post are open source and free, which is great. Self-hosting your software is the right choice.



Have a recommendation for an application you think we should include in our list? Contact us on our Facebook page and let us know.

There are a lot more alternatives and self-hosted software that we didn’t include in this post, so there may be a second part. Stay tuned and send us suggestions. You can always check out the rest of our blog posts where we write about different software. Our admins are available 24/7, you can contact them and they will give you a list of suggestions and together you can decide on which one suits you the most.

All applications mentioned in this article are randomly ordered. The order of the application does not affect our view on its quality.

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