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What is HIPAA Compliance?

HIPAA compliant hosting is a specialized service designed to meet the stringent requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This includes managing, maintaining, and securing healthcare data with high attention to compliance, data privacy, and security.

As there are no governing bodies to certify the compliance of hosting solutions, healthcare entities are responsible for ensuring providers meet these standards. Therefore, enterprises in the healthcare sector must exercise due diligence in assessing hosting providers' capabilities to deliver secure and compliant services.

Healthcare organizations should opt for hosting that can guarantee uptime, secure backups, and robust security measures to secure your electronic protected health information (ePHI).

HIPAA Compliant Hosting Servers

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10 CPU Cores
300 GB PCIe4 NVMe Disk
Unmetered Data Transfer
FREE Control Panel



12 CPU Cores
400 GB PCIe4 NVMe Disk
Unmetered Data Transfer
FREE Control Panel



14 CPU Cores
500 GB PCIe4 NVMe Disk
Unmetered Data Transfer
FREE Control Panel



18 CPU Cores
667 GB PCIe4 NVMe Disk
Unmetered Data Transfer
FREE Control Panel



28 CPU Cores
1,000 GB PCIe4 NVMe Disk
Unmetered Data Transfer
FREE Control Panel



56 CPU Cores
2,000 GB PCIe4 NVMe Disk
Unmetered Data Transfer
FREE Control Panel



80 CPU Cores
200 GB RAM
3,500 GB PCIe4 NVMe Disk
Unmetered Data Transfer
FREE Control Panel



120 CPU Cores
500 GB RAM
7,000 GB PCIe4 NVMe Disk
Unmetered Data Transfer
FREE Control Panel
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Full HIPAA Compliance
U.S. Owned and Operated
Transparent Pricing
Cutting Edge Hardware
20x Faster NVMe Storage
No Arbitrary Limits
Unlimited Migrations
FREE SSL Installation
100% Uptime SLA
Proactive Monitoring
Business Associate Agreement
KVM Virtualization
24/7 Fully-Managed Support
Dedicated Static IP Address
No Control Panel Required
FREE Control Panel if Needed
Unlimited Websites
Unlimited Services
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited Databases
Data Encryption At-Rest
Tier-Three Support
Multiple Linux Distributions
Root Access
High Availability Network
Custom Server Tuning
Unlimited Support Service
FREE LiteSpeed Server
Redundant N+1 Datacenter
Optimized For Performance

RoseHosting HIPAA Compliant Hosting Features

Data Encryption &
Enhanced Security

Ensuring that all data, especially ePHI, is encrypted both in transit and at rest. This prevents unauthorized access and ensures data integrity.

Fastest HIPAA Compliant Server
Best HIPAA Fully Managed Support

Data Backups &
Disaster Recovery

Regular, reliable data backups, and a comprehensive disaster recovery plan to ensure data is never lost and can be restored in the event of an emergency.

Access Controls &
Intrusion Prevention

Guard all sensitive PHI information against external threats, unauthorized access and accidental misuse by your staff.

HIPAA Compliant Server Hosting
HIPAA Cloud Server

Your 24/7 Virtual
IT Department

Comprehensive support, including server hardening, application & kernel updates, backup solutions, multi-tenant isolation, and system monitoring to ensure continuous operational integrity.

Data Center Security
Software & Networking
Security Services

Loss & Theft Protection

  • Entrances Controlled by Electronic Perimeter Access Card
  • 24/7/365 Manned Facility
  • Closed Circuit Security Cameras on site
  • Locked Rack Cabinets

Minimize Damage Risks

  • Disaster Neutral Geographic Location
  • Durable, Reinforced, Poured Concrete External Walls
  • High-Security Facilities
  • Privately Owned and Operated Data Center

Advanced Fire Prevention Infrastructure

  • Dry Fire Suppression System
  • Double Interlock System

Entry Security - Access Controls

  • Exterior Entrances Secured by Electronic Access Systems
  • Access to the Data Center Space Requires Secure Credentials

Secruity Zones

  • Data Center Location Only On Need-to-Know Basis
  • Advanced Credentials Required For Data Center Access
  • Data Center Separated From All Office Spaces
  • All Data Center Employees Receive Full Background Checks
  • Key Locked Physical Server Rack Enclosures
  • Hot Spare On-Site Servers Available
  • Fully Redundant Hard Drives

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

  • Multiple N+1 UPS Systems with 30-Minute Minimum Runtime
  • Multiple N+1 Diesel Generators
  • Multiple Fuel Contracts Ensure Fuel Availability for Generators
  • Server Chassis Feature Redundant Power Supplies
  • Server Chassis Have A/B Power Configurations
  • Diverse Paths from Substation
  • 2N Power Available

Software and Administrative Security

  • Mandatory VPN Connections for All Remote Employees
  • Logging and Recording of all Administrative Sessions
  • Automatic Admin Logout on Workstation Inactivity

Remote VPN

  • Remote Secure VPN Implementations and Management Available
  • Encryption (Triple DES or AES)
  • Assistance with Log Management and Monitoring
  • Authentication (Site-to-Site VPN Tunnels) with Strong Passwords, Pre-Shared Key and Certificate

Network Device Management

  • Hardware Cisco Devices with Full Management
  • Qualified Engineers Available 24/7, 365-days a year
  • Assistance with Firewall Configuration
  • Diverse Connectivity Fiber Paths Into Building
  • Network Redundancy Ensuring Failover
  • Outbound and Inbound Traffic Filtering Available
  • Intrusion Detection/Intrusion Protection Modules Available
HIPAA Software and Networking Features

Backup Management

Take advantage of our managed backup solutions available for our Managed HIPAA Compliant Hosting Servers. These solutions maintain data encryption while enabling you to restore files or an entire server image at any time. These backups are taken every day with no user intervention required.

In addition to your files and operating system, your database backups are also taken once a day and stored within your server’s encrypted storage.

The data retention period is also completely flexible – you can retain any number of days you need. All of this is handled by our Linux experts, who can help you restore any files or databases at any point in time. We’re here to prevent data loss in almost any circumstance.


  • Continuous Backups
  • Incremental Snapshots Available
  • Local Encrypted Database Backups
  • High Performance, Low System Impact
  • Disk Data Encryption
  • Bare-Metal Disaster Recovery

Security Services

  • Daily Malware Scans
  • Monthly Vulnerability Scans
  • E-Mail Virus Filtering
  • Brute Force Detection and Evasion
  • Apache DOS Prevention/Protection
  • SSH/cPanel/FTP Hardening
  • Webserver & PHP Hardening
  • Deploy a Turnkey Solution to Stop Threats
  • Accelerated Response to DDoS Attacks
  • Prevent Illegitimate Botnet Communications
  • Leverage Real-time Security Intelligence
  • Mitigation of Volumetric Attacks
HIPAA Security Features

Shared Responsibility Model

It is vital to understand that HIPAA Compliance is a shared responsibility between the hosting provider and the customer. As each of our servers gives you full root access to install and manage your data however you see fit, you can inadvertently create security loopholes. As such, RoseHosting remains responsible for the security and protection of the infrastructure and services on our servers. This includes our data centers, hardware, software, and networking. As part of our fully managed support, we configure your server for optimal security and provide advice and support whenever needed.

With that in mind, you ultimately decide what goes on your server and can install the software yourself or have our admins do it. Should you or one of your employees choose to install on, configure, or edit your server in any way, you may leave it open to security loopholes. Leaving a computer with access to sensitive information unlocked or not training new staff can lead to security breaches. This puts the responsibility for security within the server on the healthcare organization and the responsibility for security of the server on RoseHosting.

What every health provider really wants to know

1. What does it mean for hosting to be HIPAA compliant?

HIPAA Compliant Hosting is a collaboration between healthcare organizations and their hosting providers built to satisfy the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. HIPAA compliant hosting ensures that all websites, applications, or data storage that use electronic protected health information (ePHI) adhere to the strict HIPAA security standards for physical and electronic safeguard requirements.

2. What are the main requirements for achieving HIPAA compliance?

The key requirements for HIPAA compliance include ensuring the privacy of patients' protected health information (PHI), implementing physical, technical, and administrative security measures, conducting investigations in the event of a breach, notifying the necessary parties and patients if a breach occurs, and ensuring that business associates are also compliant with HIPAA regulations.

3. Who Needs HIPAA Compliant Hosting?

Anyone handling medical information or similar highly confidential data needs HIPAA compliant hosting for added security. Medical providers are required by law to use HIPAA compliant hosting.

4. Are you able to provide us with a Business Associate Agreement?

HIPAA requires covered entities and their business associates to sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA). This formalizes the responsibilities for privacy and security of health information and ensures compliance with HIPAA rules. As such we provide all of our HIPAA compliant hosting servers with a free BAA.

5. What are the costs of HIPAA compliant hosting?

Additional costs will depend from provider to provider based on what their standard hosting provides. In the case of RoseHosting, we've always been HIPAA compliant regarding security and the high-grade quality of our security, safety, backups, and equipment. As such, you incur no additional costs, and HIPAA compliance has been and is our routine daily standard of service for the past two decades.

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