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RoseHosting has provided excellent VPS hosting services since the first day that I switched to their platform. My previous host was plagued with frequent hardware failures, server downtime, poor bandwidth and the inability to create backups correctly. RoseHosting has never once suffered from any of those problems. In addition, the one or two times that I've had to contact support, they have always responded quickly and resolved any issues as fast as can be expected.

Lawrence Stark

Thanks so much! The response time was amazing! Saludos!

Agustin Diaz Zamora

Price Performance leading with excellent issue response and resolution processes

Lars Sanne

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I would say that RoseHosting has provided a quality and reliable service at a reasonable price. My experience is that of a small business ( photography). I have not tested RoseHosting VPS with regards to scalability (yet). With that said, for small businesses, requiring a certain technology freedom, RoseHosting VPS is a great solution.

Alex Franken

Beside the fact that you servers 'just work' without talking much of my attention away from the work I want to concentrate on, your support has been more supportive than I expected. Normally I would assume that with a VPS I am on my own with the administration of that server. So I was reluctant at first to ask a question that the root admin should know, but you helped me out very knowledgeable. I got more than I expected.

Gunter Zielke

Affordable hosting with great customer support.

Tom Longson

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Thank you so much! Your support has been worldclass!

Samori Coles

Simple and attentions, the technical support is fast.

Luciano M Pacheco

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I work from India, so in different timezone then you. Earlier I use to assume that I get my queries resolved but 1 hour very quick customer support is really very impressive for me to be with you for last 5 years.

Amit Kuiya

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I have tested more than 20 hosting services in the past at WHSR - RoseHosting is easily one of the top 3 in term of server quality by far.

Jerry Low

Reliable, trouble free. The uptime has been good and when we need help, we can get it through the online chat.

Michael C. Barnes

RoseHosting provides excellent service at a fair price. It allows me to focus on my websites and not have to worry about the servers.

Michael Bunnell

Thanks! You guys are doing an outstanding job as always! We've had a very positive experience with all 3 of the virtual hosts we have with you. Keep up the good work!

Raymond W Clopton

Thank you very much, that's outstanding! I really appreciate the quick turnaround and the thorough explanation of the work performed.


Holy smokes you are fast. Wow - thank you! Truly amazing.... WOW I can't say thanks enough!

Peri Kettler

Rose Hosting has done nothing but please me with everything from cost to customer support and the services provided. There have even been a couple times when I asked a favor of them and was surprised by the willingness to help along with immediate results.

Benjamin Price

Very good service with the online / live chat. Very reliable service. I have been very happy with the service over the past several years

Ed Blanchfieldl

Setup is quick, tech support is excellent, and you can have as much power and flexibility as you need.

Robert Kesterson

We feel that Rose Hosting provide us with a VPS that is more flexible and cost effective than having a dedicated server.

William Rendell

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