RoseHosting Re-brands: Launches New Website and New Pricing Structure

RoseHosting rebrand

We are thrilled to announce the latest change to RoseHosting – a complete redesign of our website, a thorough rework of our brand, and an improved pricing structure. This is done with the main objective to provide the best, most customizable hosting experience available. We do all of that while ensuring that the entire process is no-frills and entirely hassle-free.

Best-in-the-industry Hardware and Support

Here at RoseHosting, we have already perfected the use of high-quality hardware and support through our team of Linux experts. We’re here to optimize and give you the most performance and capacity that your resources will allow. That is unique and can’t be said about most hosting providers. We also use NVMe storage exclusively across all of our plans, another key performance factor that really nobody else offers currently.

RoseHosting New Website

With the aspect of infrastructure and support already being ahead of the competition, we wanted to express that in our new website’s design. We remade our website from the ground up and streamlined the website experience to make it easier to read and learn more about what our services offer and how they make RoseHosting unique in the hosting industry. We did this by also improving the UX and making it easier to get to pages with more information that may have previously been difficult to find.

New Branding

To go along with this new website re-design is also our new branding, which modernizes the look of RoseHosting and our digital presence across the web. With these changes, users such as yourself will be able to more easily obtain the information you’re looking for without wasting time digging through pages and fine print to find the details that matter most to you. We put it all on display so that you can make your choice of hosting type and plan more easily. With this, we added more focus on our dedicated servers and cloud hosting services and made them more informative to make the decision-making process that much easier.

rosehosting logo variants

New & Better Pricing Structure

To top it all off, we’ve worked on our pricing structure to give our clients more appealing prices across the board. We believe that the plans we offer are some of the most valuable hosting plans you can find in the hosting industry, period. Some hosting providers charge more just for their managed support add-on than we do for everything in one package, server, and support. We feel that this value is something that really can’t be overlooked when comparing hosting providers, as having this managed support is really a must for those that need their services to function reliably without having to tinker with the server themselves.

Bi-yearly Billing

To add to the renewed pricing structure, we at RoseHosting have now introduced for the first time a bi-yearly billing option. Know that you’ll be staying for long and want to save on hosting? You can now pay upfront for two years and get 30% off of the monthly price. This makes our services truly invaluable as the support and hardware you get really is not available anywhere at that price, regardless of the size of the hosting plan.

Ultimately, with this new and information-focused redesign, as well as our more attractive pricing that prioritizes value, we believe there’s no other hosting provider out there that’s able to compete. We would love it if you’d try us out – we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee that will show you exactly what you’ll get by hosting with us: a fast, reliable hosting provider that’s ready to help at any moment.

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