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$ 21.95 /mo
was $29.95
$ 19.95 /mo
With Coupon YEARLY10
Unlimited Websites
2 CPU Cores
30 GB SSD Storage
2 TB Data Transfer
Dedicated IP Address
FREE Fully Managed Support


$ 43.95 /mo
was $57.95
$ 39.95 /mo
With Coupon YEARLY10
Unlimited Websites
2 CPU Cores
60 GB SSD Storage
4 TB Data Transfer
Dedicated IP Address
FREE Fully Managed Support


$ 65.95 /mo
was $86.95
$ 59.95 /mo
With Coupon YEARLY10
Unlimited Websites
4 CPU Cores
100 GB SSD Storage
6 TB Data Transfer
Dedicated IP Address
FREE Fully Managed Support


$ 87.95 /mo
was $114.95
$ 79.95 /mo
With Coupon YEARLY10
Unlimited Websites
6 CPU Cores
150 GB SSD Storage
8 TB Data Transfer
Dedicated IP Address
FREE Fully Managed Support

VPS Plans

OCI VPS 1 2 1 GB 30 GB 2 TB
OCI VPS 2 2 2 GB 60 GB 4 TB
OCI VPS 4 4 4 GB 100 GB 6 TB
OCI VPS 8 6 8 GB 150 GB 8 TB
OCI VPS 12 6 12 GB 200 GB 10 TB
OCI VPS 16 8 16 GB 300 GB 12 TB
OCI VPS 24 8 24 GB 400 GB Unmetered TB
OCI VPS 32 10 32 GB 500 GB Unmetered TB

Cloud Server One-Click Install

Our one click install cloud servers run the latest Ubuntu 16.04 OS with a LEMP stack (Linux, Nginx, MySQL and PHP-FPM) platform as web environment. The template is both lightweight and optimized for ultimate performance so your websites/apps will perform faster and better than ever.

Install the latest versions of WordPress, Drupal, PrestaShop, Magento 2, Joomla, MediaWiki, ownCloud, Ghost, NodeBB using one click.

Install and run as many apps on the same server as you wish. You are not limited to one app on one server. You are only limited by your server's resources (CPU, Disk, RAM).

Install and run all apps as many times on as many domains as you want. There is no preset limit.

Manage unlimited email addresses, virtual domains and aliases with PostfixAdmin and RoundCube.

Manage unlimited MySQL databases with Adminer.

Everything You Need - Already Included At No Extra Cost!

Ultra-fast Linux VPS powered by enterprise SSD drives, designed to exceed your hosting needs.Genuinely Awesome With 99.99% Uptime Guarantee.

One-Click Install Apps - Screenshots

Apps List

List of apps available for installation. Select an app, then install it with one click.

Install a specific app

One-click install makes it easy and fun to create a website. Enter your domain name and install the app.

view installed apps

View installed apps and domain names associated with each app. This option is available on the 'Installed apps' menu.

delete an app

Delete unused apps using one click. This option is available on the 'Installed apps' menu.

Manage app databases

Manage databases of installed apps using Adminer, a powerful and lightweight web-based database management tool.

Mail Admin menu

The mail admin menu provides access to PostfixAdmin and RoundCube Webmail.

Manage email accounts

PostfixAdmin is a web based interface used to create and manage unlimited email accounts, aliases, virtual domains etc.

RoundCube Webmail

Send and receive emails using RoundCube web-based IMAP email client.

All Hosting Plans Include

Fully Managed Support

All our virtual servers are fully managed. We will help you and fully support you with any aspect of using/configuring your server and the software installed on your server when it was provisioned.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

We only reboot the physical host servers when absolutely necessary, for ex. to fix a hardware or network problem.

Enterprise SSD Storage

All our servers are equipped with Enterprise Grade SSD drives. You will get much better disk i/o performance compared to a normal VPS on a traditional hard drive storage.

FREE Full Weekly Backup

All virtual servers are backed up weekly providing for a fast and efficient disaster recovery. Daily backups are also available as an additional option.

Free Website Migration

Moving to RoseHosting has never been easier! Our Linux Admins will migrate all your data for free!

24x7 EPIC Support

We don't sleep. We don't take vacations. We are here 24/7. The normal response time to your emails or support tickets is less than 5 minutes.

User-Friendly Cloud Hosting

See why our One-Click Install service makes your hosting experience that much better.

Our One-Click Install Cloud Hosting services allow you to sit back and relax when needing to install new software onto your cloud server. Setting up and configuring a software package of your choice onto your machine can be done with just one click through our server control panel.

With a dedicated team of Linux system administrators, we work nonstop to help bring to you the ultimate server hosting experience. If any issues do arise with your server or its software, our team will also help take care of solving these issues, free of charge. And with Enterprise-Grade SSD drives, a 99% uptime guarantee, and free weekly backups, your cloud hosting VPS will be fast, reliable, and safe from harm.

Cloud Hosting is similar to a regular VPS hosting service - however, a typical cloud hosting provider allows for more scalability when compared to a VPS. Instead of having a server hosted on physical hardware, cloud hosting is done with a virtualized machine, where resources can be added and removed freely. Apart from this, functionality remains similar to a traditional VPS.

See how RoseHosting compares to the competition in the head-to-head analysis below - the right choice is clear.

RoseHosting HostGator GoDaddy KnownHost Linode
Dedicated Resources
Transparent Pricing
24x7 US-Based Support
Free Weekly Backups
Uptime Guarantee 99.99% 99.90% 99.90% 99.90% 99.90%
Time In Business 17 Years 16 Years 20 Years 12 Years 15 Years
Free Data Migration
2GB RAM Plan Price $39.95/mo $79.95/mo $39.99/mo $50/mo $10/mo
Fully Managed Service +$160 +$100
Total 2GB RAM Plan Cost $39.95/mo $79.95/mo $199.99/mo $50/mo $110/mo
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Born In St. Louis. Loved By All.

Here's what some of our clients are saying.

I love Rose Hosting so much, I kind of hate leaving a review. They are like a secret gem! Before them I was using a well known company and struggling. Rose Hosting basically held my hand through all of my VPS Hosting so I could concentrate on what I'm good at, web design.

Martin Balas Avatar
Christina Gammon

RoseHosting has provided excellent VPS hosting services since the first day that I switched to their platform. My previous host was plagued with frequent hardware failures, server downtime, poor bandwidth and the inability to create backups correctly. RoseHosting has never once suffered from any of those problems. In addition, the one or two times that I've had to contact support, they have always responded quickly and resolved any issues as fast as can be expected.

Martin Balas Avatar
Lawrence Stark

The hosting I need for my companies and customers is non-standard in many ways. Performance is a top requirement, and as such, many custom server configurations and Wordpress website settings need to be tweaked in order to get every last second off of the page load times. The crew at Rose Hosting has stuck with me through thick and thin to solve the most difficult of problems. There have been times that I thought it was impossible, but their tech support has the skills to get it right, every time. I highly recommend Rose Hosting and their excellent support team if you need website hosting above and beyond anything that is normal.

Martin Balas Avatar
Michael Cordova