Managed Cloud Hosting Advantages

Managed Cloud

Automatic Scaling

The RoseHosting Managed Cloud Hosting platform continuously monitors your applications' resource utilization and allocates them automatically according to the load changes. You only need to select the servers with the required stacks and set the maximum limits you are comfortable with, the rest is done automatically by the platform's automatic vertical scaling. In addition to this, the platform can automatically scale horizontally as well, adding nodes and adjusting the number of servers within a layer based on the current load level. Your next load spike will never be stressful again.

Below are some of the most popular technologies used by development teams, businesses and agencies, all supported by our Managed Cloud PaaS.

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Simplified Deployment

The RoseHosting Managed Cloud Service supports many different ways of automatic application deployment which allows you to choose the best option for your specific use case. You can initiate project deployments and topology reconfigurations including load balancing and clusterization without any application code modification, all this with just a few clicks. This allows very easy application migrations and deployments.

Below are some of the most popular technologies used by development teams, businesses and agencies, all supported by our Managed Cloud Service.

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One-Click Applications

RoseHosting Cloud provides developers with a rich set of tools and pre-made services for deployment automation through our free marketplace, including “one-click” installation as well as pre-configured environments and tools for code building and project management for both single instance and clustered applications. All setups available on the marketplace are entirely free, you just pay for the server resources used by your deployment.

Below are some of the most popular technologies used by development teams, businesses and agencies, all supported by our Managed Cloud Hosting.

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Pay per Usage

With RoseHosting's Managed Cloud Hosting automatic vertical and horizontal scaling, you only pay for the resources you actually use regardless of server sizes and dynamically allocated maximum resource limits. This allows you to plan your budget and control your expenses in a very predictable and transparent way. Detailed billing for all used resources is provided and updated hourly in the Cloud Dashboard.

Below are some of the most popular technologies used by development teams, businesses and agencies, all supported by RoseHosting Cloud.

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How the Pricing Works

RoseHosting's Managed Cloud Service provides a pricing model based on real consumption. The dynamic allocation of resources provides flexibility and ensures that developers and businesses only pay for what they need.

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The resources are provisioned in the form of cloudlets (128MiB of RAM and 400MHz of CPU). With this, resource usage can be very finely tuned for your use case.

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Automatic vertical and horizontal scaling dynamically adjusts available resources based on usage to maximize system responsiveness and cost-effectiveness.

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Bulk pricing discounts are available and automatic as resource usage increases - The more resources your deployments use, the bigger the discount - up to 45%.

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AWS, Google, MS, Rackspace, DO, and others


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Pay for usage at RoseHosting Cloud

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Your project, up and running in no time

The Cloud Dashboard user interface is designed to speed up development and deployment. By including a powerful control panel, we have simplified your daily tasks such as system administration, cost optimization and eliminating complicated processes throughout the project lifecycle.

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with rosehosting Cloud

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Features and Benefits of Managed Cloud Hosting

Key features that simplify your IT infrastructure projects

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Enterprise-Grade Hardware

Our managed cloud platform is built on enterprise NVMe storage and the latest Intel Xeon Gold CPUs for lightning-fast response times and performance.

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Clustered environments

Fast and easy setup of clustered, highly available and load-balanced applications. Highly-customizable configurations & one-click installations of clustered environments.

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Web-based control panel

The web-based control panel allows for managing and monitoring of all installed applications through an intuitive user interface.

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The Marketplace provides ready-made clustered and single deployments of popular applications such as WordPress, Magento, Odoo, Tomcat and others with just a few clicks.

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Easily create, clone and import your development, staging and production environments. Get started with your existing projects faster than ever before.

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Load balancing

Enable load balancing for your environments and benefit from high resiliency during your next traffic surge, providing a high-quality experience for your visitors.

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Application management

Easily stop, hibernate, and restart applications. Full support for application cloning - perfect for staging environments as well as QA departments.

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Fully Managed

Focus your efforts on your projects and business while our expert team of admins manages and maintains the environment you depend on.

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Built-in monitoring of CPU, RAM, I/O, Storage, Network with customizable alerts and notifications for your peace of mind.

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Deployment sources

Fast deployment and continuous redeployment of your software projects via GIT, SVN, SFTP, FTP, or by using our simple web-based user interface.

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SSL Certificates - free or custom CA signed SSL certificates available on all your websites, apps, and services.

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Highly experienced in everything we do. Managed cloud hosting and support experts since 2001.

Most Common Questions and Answers

The application can be deployed using local file (zip, war, jar) or GIT/SVN with automatic updates.

A selection of over fifty different applications, software platforms, and servers, both clustered and single, are available to be quickly and easily set up with just a few clicks.

The Managed Cloud Dashboard provides easy to use system to upload and edit files to your environments.

It is a managed cloud hosting platform that provides deployment and scaling automation, application management and DevOps tools that can be run on a shared infrastructure.

RoseHosting Cloud is perfect for:

- Developers, as it offers easy application deployment and configuration.

- Web Studios, as it offers installation of applications such as WordPress, Magento or Odoo with a single click.

- Large, Medium and Small Businesses, as it offers seamless implementation of high availability clusters.

RoseHosting Cloud provides support for Docker containers with integration to Public and Private Hub Registries, as well as offers pre-packaged Kubernetes clusters for automated installation and scaling.

- Simple management via UI & CLI

- Automatic vertical and horizontal scaling

- High Availability on application and hardware levels

- High level of isolation

- Container-native orchestration

- Live migration across clouds

Resources are charged on an hourly basis - these resources are taken into consideration:

- RAM and CPU (cloudlets)

- Disk space

- External traffic

- Public IPs

Together, these resources and their utilization determine the hourly cost.

Our managed cloud platform provides support for Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Python, Go and .NET, as well as any others that can be run through Docker.

The RoseHosting Managed Cloud supports a wide range of software stacks, amongst them are the following common choices:

Some of the common Application Servers include: TomEE, Tomcat, GlassFish, Jetty, Apache, NGINX, Node.js, JBoss, SmartFoxServer, WildFly, Railo, and WebLogic Server.

And some of the common Database Servers include: MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, CouchDB, Cassandra, OrientDB, Redis, Neo4j, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle DB, and PerconaDB.

There are two types of cloudlets:

- Reserved Cloudlets are reserved in advance and will be charged regardless of your actual resource usage. In exchange, you’ll get better automatic discounts based on the number of reserved cloudlets.

- Dynamic Cloudlets are added & removed automatically according to the amount of resources that is required by your application at a particular point in time (dymanic cloudlets are added when the load goes up and removed as soon as it drops down). As a result, you pay based on your actual resource usage.

The granularity of the cloudlets makes it possible to allocate a number of resources that precisely fits your current needs and will scale with your project effectively.

Improve project delivery with Managed Cloud Hosting

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Advanced Functionality and Customizability

We make it extremely easy to manage your RoseHosting Cloud Hosting environments. Our easy-to-use UI provides you with all the tools and controls you need to set them up the way you want.

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Enterprise NVMe Storage

Our Managed PaaS Cloud runs on enterprise-grade NVMe storage providing for significantly better I/O performance compared to traditional SSD storage. Your applications will be noticeably faster.

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24x7 EPIC Support

We don't sleep. We don't take vacations. We are here for you 24/7. The usual ticket response time is less than 5 minutes. Our live chat (all human, no bots here) is even faster with an immediate response.

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99.99% Uptime Guarantee

We have built this managed cloud infrastructure from the ground up with uptime and reliability as the first priority, and we guarantee all systems will be up and running at least 99.99% of the time.

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FREE Backups

All environments are backed up automatically. We keep one full weekly and 7 daily incremental backups of all your environments, so if anything goes wrong you know you have a backup to rely on.

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Unlimited Server Migrations

Moving to our Managed Cloud Platform has never been easier! Our expert Linux admins will do your incoming migrations including all your data and services for free.

What Customers Think of RoseHosting

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Jorge Matsufuji

I have been 13 years as a customer for web hosting with many other companies, I started been a rosehosting customer in 2020 and they are the best in quality of service and support, and top notch technology. With the included support (best effort) they give you. you really are getting half the price on the hosting you pay them. I am very happy with them. I implement a lot of proyects, and they always are very helpfull. I can really call them a partner!

on 07/15/2020

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My Truck Point

We wish we could rate you guys higher than 5 stars! We have tried at least 5 to 7 different fully managed hosting services which were recommend on google as best service, however NONE of them were close to the quality of service Rose hosting provides to its client. Awesome Services!

on 02/21/2017

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Michael Cordova

The hosting I need for my companies and customers is non-standard in many ways. Performance is a top requirement, and as such, many custom server configurations and Wordpress website settings need to be tweaked in order to get every last second off of the page load times. The crew at Rose Hosting has stuck with me through thick and thin to solve the most difficult of problems. There have been times that I thought it was impossible, but their tech support has the skills to get it right, every time. I highly recommend Rose Hosting and their excellent support team if you need website hosting above and beyond anything that is normal.

on 05/26/2018

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