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$ 32.95 /mo
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$ 29.65 /mo
With Coupon YEARLY10
Unlimited Websites/Apps
1 CPU Cores
25 GB NVMe Storage
2 TB Data Transfer
Dedicated IP Address
DirectAdmin $5
FREE Fully Managed Support
FULL Root Access
FREE Let's Encrypt SSL
FREE Migration
FREE Weekly Backup


$ 54.95 /mo
was $71.95
$ 49.45 /mo
With Coupon YEARLY10
Unlimited Websites/Apps
2 CPU Cores
40 GB NVMe Storage
4 TB Data Transfer
Dedicated IP Address
DirectAdmin $5
FREE Fully Managed Support
FULL Root Access
FREE Let's Encrypt SSL
FREE Migration
FREE Weekly Backup


$ 79.95 /mo
was $104.95
$ 71.95 /mo
With Coupon YEARLY10
Unlimited Websites/Apps
3 CPU Cores
80 GB NVMe Storage
6 TB Data Transfer
Dedicated IP Address
DirectAdmin $5
FREE Fully Managed Support
FULL Root Access
FREE Let's Encrypt SSL
FREE Migration
FREE Weekly Backup


$ 105.95 /mo
was $138.95
$ 95.35 /mo
With Coupon YEARLY10
Unlimited Websites/Apps
4 CPU Cores
120 GB NVMe Storage
8 TB Data Transfer
Dedicated IP Address
DirectAdmin $5
FREE Fully Managed Support
FULL Root Access
FREE Let's Encrypt SSL
FREE Migration
FREE Weekly Backup

NVMe Hosting Plans

CPU Cores RAM NVMe STORAGE DATA TRANSFER Control Panel Price /mo Order
NVMe 1GB 1 1 GB 25 GB 2 TB From $5/mo
NVMe 2GB 2 2 GB 40 GB 4 TB From $5/mo
NVMe 4GB 3 4 GB 80 GB 6 TB From $5/mo
NVMe 8GB 4 8 GB 120 GB 8 TB From $5/mo
NVMe 12GB 6 12 GB 160 GB 10 TB From $0/mo
NVMe 16GB 8 16 GB 200 GB 12 TB From $0/mo
NVMe 32GB 10 32 GB 300 GB 16 TB From $0/mo
NVMe 64GB 12 64 GB 400 GB Unmetered TB From $0/mo

Next-Generation Managed NVMe Hosting

Not fully convinced yet? Read more about what makes us special.

RoseHosting was the first and only web hosting company in the world to offer commercial Linux virtual servers, starting back in 2001. To this day, we continue to be a leading managed VPS provider, serving thousands of clients worldwide.

Now, it's time for us to be pioneers in the web hosting market once again. Our new, lightning-fast NVMe hosting leaves competitors in the dust. With over 10 times the speed of typical SATA-based SSD drives, You can enjoy near-instant load times and improve productivity while also improving the user-experience of anyone using your server.

Our NVMe hosting is perfect for small businesses as well as individuals who need the best performance possible at a reasonable price point. Improve your clients' user experience on your websites with significantly lower load times across the board.

The speed alone makes us a step ahead of the competition to begin with - however, we always focus on customer experience above all. This is why we offer best-in-class tech support - we redefine what 'Fully-Managed' really means. Not only do we cover all bases regarding your server's health and performance, but we also go above and beyond to improve the security of your programs, configure new software, and even optimize programs uniquely to your setup, that way your NVMe hosting experience is as fast as possible. This is exclusive, enterprise-level tech support that's offered at an affordable price point. We've always taken pride in this, and we will always keep our customer experience as our top priority.

NVMe hosting can benefit your use case, regardless of what application you plan to use your server for. All web servers and websites will see a large decrease in load times, databases can access data more quickly than with SSDs, and any program essentially has new life breathed into it with this new storage technology. No matter your idea, our NVMe hosting can give you peak performance.

NVMe or Non-Volatile Memory Express is a communications standard/protocol used for storage devices. Unlike SATA and SAS, which were made to be backwards-compatible with legacy storage media, NVMe is designed to fully leverage the benefits and speed of the latest in storage technology.

NVMe utilizes PCI-E (short for Peripheral Component Interconnect Express), an expansion card standard that has been around for several years. Up until now, PCI-E has been used for graphics cards, network cards, and general expansion of a computer's or server's hardware. Before NVMe, PCI-E-based SSDs existed - however, these were not standardized, and with fragmentation between vendors and firmware, PCI-E-based SSDs were ahead of their time and not ready for the enterprise market.

Now that NVMe is a standardized protocol for connecting storage through a PCI-E slot, servers and computers can fully harness the capabilities of the latest storage technology available today.

What makes NVMe's implementation special is the fact that through this PCI-E standard, direct 'lanes', or connections, now exist between the storage device and the CPU, without a controller in between. This allows for much higher-speed data transfer to occur. With the latest-generation NVMe drives found in our servers, read and write speeds are both over several gigabytes per second.

Not only are the read and write speeds drastically improved, the response time (or latency) between a data request and the reception of that data is also greatly reduced compared to SATA-based SSDs. WIth NVMe, latency drops to around one-third of the time it takes for SATA SSDs to respond to a data request. And to top it all off, the overhead required drops compared to SATA SSDs, allowing for even higher speeds.

See how RoseHosting compares to the competition in the head-to-head analysis below - the right choice is clear.

RoseHosting HostGator GoDaddy LiquidWeb Linode
Dedicated Resources
Transparent Pricing
NVMe Storage
Free Weekly Backups
Uptime Guarantee 99.99% 99.90% 99.90% 99.99% 99.90%
Time In Business 18 Years 17 Years 21 Years 20 Years 16 Years
Free Data Migration
2GB RAM Plan Price $54.95/mo $79.95/mo $39.99/mo $59/mo $10/mo
Fully Managed Service +$150 +$100
Total 2GB RAM Plan Cost $54.95/mo $79.95/mo $189.99/mo $59/mo $110/mo
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Here's what some of our clients are saying.

RoseHosting provides excellent service at a fair price. It allows me to focus on my websites and not have to worry about the servers.

Martin Balas Avatar
Michael Bunnell 12/18/2018

I've been through several hosting. After I started using the services of rosehosting, I did not need more change. The support and fast and efficient. I hope it continues so long.

Martin Balas Avatar
Marcelo Bassuma 07/03/2017

The hosting I need for my companies and customers is non-standard in many ways. Performance is a top requirement, and as such, many custom server configurations and Wordpress website settings need to be tweaked in order to get every last second off of the page load times. The crew at Rose Hosting has stuck with me through thick and thin to solve the most difficult of problems. There have been times that I thought it was impossible, but their tech support has the skills to get it right, every time. I highly recommend Rose Hosting and their excellent support team if you need website hosting above and beyond anything that is normal.

Martin Balas Avatar
Michael Cordova 05/26/2018

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