Web Hosting For Developers

Our hosting solutions are perfect for developers. You no longer need to worry about your server management. You can develop and work on your software while we take care of your server.

Choose your favorite framework and start developing your applications on our optimized servers and cloud.

All Web Hosting For Developers Plans Include

FREE Full Weekly Backup
Unlimited Server Migrations
Full Root Access
Free 24/7 Fully Managed Support
Ultra-Fast NVMe Storage
Free & Premium SSL Configuration
Highest Quality Servers by Dell®
100% Uptime SLA with 10x Money Back
A clean and classy PHP framework with expressive syntax.
ruby-on-railsRUBY ON RAILS
Ruby on Rails is a very powerful, robust, and secure web development framework.
PHP is a general-purpose scripting language which is commonly used for web development.
An event-driven I/O server-side JavaScript environment based on V8.
Python is a widely used high-level programming language.
Mercurial is an open-source distributed source control management tool.
An open-source revision control system.
Git is a free and open-source distributed version control system.
One of the most popular PHP frameworks.
An open-source PHP development framework.
A Python web framework that encourages rapid development and clean design.
A free and open-source JavaScript web framework, built on Node.js.
HHVM is a virtual machine designed for executing apps written in Hack and PHP.
Bootstrap is one of the most popular, free and open-source front-end frameworks.
Symfony is a high performance PHP web application framework.
Vue.js is a progressive and open-source JavaScript framework.
AngularJS is a JavaScript-based open-source front-end web application framework.
jQuery is a cross-platform JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML.
Phalcon is a feature rich, loosely coupled, high-performance full stack framework for PHP.
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Have An Existing Application Somewhere Else?

Our team of migration experts will move unlimited applications, websites, databases and other services entirely free of charge, safely and quickly!
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managed web development hosting features

Hosting for Developers  

Everything is included for your best
Web Development hosting experience

Manual Optimization
and Fine-Tuning

We manually optimize and fine-tune your web development installation for the highest possible speed and efficiency specific to your requirements and use case.
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Enterprise NVMe
Storage for Developers

To ensure the best performance, all our servers come with enterprise-grade NVMe storage. The experience is far superior compared to traditional SSD storage.

Fully Managed

Our task is to assist you in making the most out of your server. Regardless of whether you need help with the use or configuration of the server, we are here at your disposal 24/7.

FREE Full Weekly

To provide efficient disaster recovery, we provide you with free weekly backups as a part of our service. We also offer daily backups available as an additional option.

Free unlimited

RoseHosting will move all your data for you. Choose to migrate as many services as you want and we will do it quickly and free of charge.

100% Uptime

We know that you rely on your server being available at all times. Service upgrades are seamless and in most cases only a single reboot is required, minimizing your server's downtime.

24x7 EPIC

We offer you 100% of our undivided attention at all times. Support is always there and getting in touch will only take a moment as our average response time is under 5 minutes.

Born In St. Louis. Loved Worldwide.

Here’s what some of our clients are saying.
  • They clearly have the best support for all companies i have been working with. You can chat with them anytime, friendly, supportive and it doesn't matter day or night. Good technical understanding.
    Keep up the good work guys!
    Jordie van Hese
  • I have been with RoseHosting for over a decade. After dealing with other hosts and being frustrated by their lack of support and knowledge it was refreshing to finally find a host that not only hired experts, but also valued customers.
    Lewis A.
  • RoseHosting has very nice support time I ever met! Excellent Support team! Even I am 6000 miles away from them!
    I hope you have more customers!
    Omer O.
  • uht
    Always there to support and help with all of our questions. I couldn't have done this work without there assistance, thank you for helping my website!!!!
    Unique Hands Med
  • lerym
    Customer Service is by far the best you would ever find anywhere. They are an amazing team willing to collaborate and explain in detail in order to help. The team of technicians are fast pace and quick at solving any issue. they are absolutely great professionals.
    Lery M.
  • reviewer
    I have tested more than 20 hosting services in the past at WHSR - RoseHosting is easily one of the top 3 in term of server quality by far.
    Jerry L.
  • reviewer
    RoseHosting has provided excellent VPS hosting services since the first day that I switched to their platform. My previous host was plagued with frequent hardware failures, server downtime, poor bandwidth and the inability to create backups correctly. RoseHosting has never once suffered from any of those problems.
    Lawrence S.
  • reviewer
    I love RoseHosting so much, I kind of hate leaving a review. They are like a secret gem! Before them I was using a well known company and struggling. Rose Hosting basically held my hand through all of my VPS Hosting so I could concentrate on what I’m good at, web design.
    Christina G.
  • reviewer
    It's not the shopping that brings me back, it's the service afterwards. When ever I have questions, or something is wrong with my server, you guys/gals are on it quickly and professionally.
    David C.
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What Is Web Development Hosting?
Our Web Dev Hosting
fully managed support
latest generation servers

What is Web Dev Hosting?

Developer-friendly hosting usually refers to a web hosting solution that is rich in features for programming purposes. Development-friendly hosting comes with support for different programming/scripting languages, such as PHP, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, etc. as well as the latest up-to-date frameworks. Developer-friendly hosting comes with several web server software and database software programs to choose from. These usually come with full root access for maximum control over the development environment.
what is web development

Our Managed Web
Development Hosting

Have full control over your development and production environment with our developer friendly web hosting solutions. Our managed web hosting for developers comes with blazing-fast NVMe storage arrays, full weekly backups and daily database backups. We can install, configure and maintain any development framework or third-party software that your application needs - we can also implement your favorite caching mechanism and can harden your server for maximum security.

Let us handle your server 24/7 so that you only need to focus on your application development and growing your business.
managed web development

Fully Managed  Support

We take all of the guesswork out of having your own web development server. Our expert Linux system administrators can help get you up and running in mere minutes. On top of this, we offer something with all of our VPSes that we believe nobody else offers - full root access to your machine, without compromising on the support experience. That’s right - we not only let you have total control over everything that happens on your Web Hosting For Developers Server, but we also take care of any problems that arise, even if they’re caused by your actions.

We focus on providing the fastest and most reliable Managed Web Hosting For Developers experience possible. This begins with our server hardware. Our servers utilize the latest-generation Intel Xeon processors and are paired with DDR4 RAM and Enterprise-grade NVMe storage to provide the best possible performance for your Web Dev stack.
fully managed web development

Latest Generation Servers

The hardware that powers our servers is some of the best enterprise-grade hardware that can be purchased on the market today. While competitors are selling VPSes on servers running years-old processors with SATA-based SSD drives that have been around for a decade, our VPSes all run on the latest-generation Intel® Xeon® Gold CPUs, paired with NVMe SSD drives for some of the best performance you can find in a server.
The hardware of your server affects every aspect of your Web Development hosting experience. Anything from load times, processing information, synchronization, and background services are all deeply affected by the hardware the server is running on. Once you try the latest-generation processors along with NVMe storage, there is no going back.
managed web development vps hosting
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