How to install PivotX on a CentOS/Fedora VPS

pivotxPivotX is free and open source PHP based blogging tool. Also, it can be used for maintaining more complex websites, online journals, etc. PivotX has very fast and easy installation, it is also easy for maintaining and easy to work with.
This blog article will help you to install PivotX on your CentOS or Fedora VPS.

Few requirements have to be met in order to run PivotX on your server:
– PHP version 5.2.0 or higher
– MySQL version 4.1 or higher
– GD and PCRE modules

First of all, make sure that you server is up-to-date:

yum -y update

and install the required modules:

yum -y install gd php-gd pcre

In order to check is your server suitable for PivotX or not, download and unzip the following file:


and point your favorite web browser to http://yourdomain.tld/pivotx/pivotx-check.php


Now, download the latest stable version of PivotX from their official website:


Extract the downloaded zip file in the document root directory and set the correct file permissions:

mkdir pivotx
unzip -d /var/www/html/pivotx/ && cd /var/www/html/pivotx
chmod -R a+w images/ pivotx/db/ pivotx/templates

PivotX is translated to many languages, so you can use PivotX in your native language. Download the translation you need from PivotX’s translation page to the ‘var/www/html/pivotx/pivotx/langs’ directory.

Log in to MySQL as user ‘root’ and create a MySQL user and database:

mysql -u root -p

CREATE USER 'pivotxuser'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'YourPassword';
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON pivotx.* TO 'pivotxuser'@'localhost';

* Change ‘YourPassword’ with an actual strong password.

Finally go to http://yourdomain.tld/pivotx and enter the required information.


Fore more information about PivotX please visit

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