Why You Should Use SSL on Your Website

Why You Should Use SSL on Your Website

With the evolution of the internet, security threats have also risen to a great extent. As more and more transactions are now performed online, the threat of data being stolen and misused also continues to surge. This is why you as a business/website owner should use additional security measures (such as SSL) to protect your website and its visitors.

One of the most common ways to safeguard your website is to use the HTTPS protocol (or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure). While this is common, it’s also one of the most effective ways to keep your visitors safe.

What is SSL?

SSL is the digital certificate known as the “Secure Socket Layer” that provides the foundation for stronger security on a website. It acts as a shield and safeguard when sensitive information travels from one place to another between computers/servers. SSL can be defined as trustworthy files that cryptographically form an encrypted link between a browser and a web server.

Any information that is sent or received on a page that is not secure can be hacked and intercepted by cyber-criminals and hackers. Important information, such as bank transaction details and personal details become accessible to hackers.

A website that is encrypted with SSL binds a secure connection between the web browser and servers to ensure that no third party has access to your information.

SSL is Considered Essential These Days

All businesses these days maintain a good track record with search engines by following all guidelines for better ranking. A trustworthy website is one of the essential requirements that you as a business/website owner need to fulfill.

A Google Chrome feature shows any websites as “not secure” when there is no SSL certification. In fact, search engines like Google have also been giving a small ranking boost to the sites that have SSL.

Reasons to Use SSL on Your Sites

We have listed below some of the most important reasons to have an SSL certificate for your website. If you still don’t have an SSL certificate, then these reasons will tell you how important it is to have one.

Prevents information theft

The first and foremost reason for you to opt for SSL is protection and encryption of important information. Any information sent from your website travels through several computers to reach the destination server. Each of these could see what information is being sent.

When data travels in an unencrypted form, anyone can read confidential information, like passwords, credit card numbers, etc. However, when you use an SSL certificate, all the information is encrypted and thus no one except the end receiver can read it. With SSL, you can ensure that hackers and cyber-criminals do not have access to any information from your website.

SEO rankings

Everyone wants their website to rank higher on the search engines. While you may spend considerable amounts on hiring professional SEO service providers, SSL certificates are also a way to boost your search engine ranks.

Search engine algorithms have changed over time, giving preference to HTTPS-enabled websites. According to a study, a strong relation between HTTPS and higher search engine ranking can be seen. We strongly recommend using SSL if search engine ranks matter to you.

Wins the audience’s trust

When a visitor drops in and visits your website, the green HTTPS and green lock assure them of security. The increasing cyber crimes have raised questions on information security. By opting to have an SSL certificate for your website, you can win your potential customer’s trust by indicating that their information is in safe hands.

A security padlock in the address bar of your address will show your customers that you value them and that their security is important to you. In the absence of an SSL certificate, some visitors may also label your website as unsafe, leading to trust issues among customers.

Keeps online transactions safe

If you are an eCommerce website or your business requires customers to make payments online, then you really should opt for an SSL certificate. Such an SSL certificate should also be with encryption of at least 128-bit. By doing so you can ensure that all the online transactions take place securely without any information leak.

Affirms your identity

The presence of an SSL certificate provides authentication to your website. By validating your business, you are sending out a positive image about your brand to your audience. An SSL certificate also helps to build a respectable reputation in the eyes of the general public for your brand.

Fulfills the PCI/DSS requirement

If you accept payments online from customers there are several ways to do so. However, the safety standards followed by websites are different when it comes to processing the payments. The Payment Card Industry (PCI) is one of the ways to accept payment online. And to be able to use their services, you need to fulfill their requirements. One of the top requirements of the PCI is SSL certification.

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Provides safety for all your subdomains

If you run a large business website with several subdomains, then an SSL certificate (Wildcard) will let you secure your main website along with all of its subdomains. Like this, you can secure your main site along with several subdomains with a single SSL certificate and keep your website information safe and secure.

SSL and Google

From 2018 onward, Google has flagged many websites that did not have an SSL certificate. Thus, whether or not you accept payments online or sell online, you are required to have an SSL certificate. Whether you are a dentist, restaurant owner, or own a personal website, you out to follow this.


To sum it up for you, the advantages of an SSL certificate for your business are incredible. It is a wonderful way to let the world know that you are genuine and do not intend to carry out any scams.

Using HTTPS keeps your website information safe and also wins the trust of customers. Both of these factors are known to be essential for the success of any business. And the best part is that getting SSL certificates are a breeze these days.

So what are you waiting for? Secure your website today with an SSL certificate and reap all of the benefits for your business’ growth and trust.

We can easily set up your SSL certificates, set up your website, and maintain everything for free and for life if you are one of our managed Linux hosting users. Our admins can fully support you and all of your server’s needs at no extra cost, while still giving you full control over everything on your server.

If this helped inform you of the importance of SSL, feel free to let your friends or colleagues know how important SSL is as well by sharing it on social media using our share shortcuts. Also, consider leaving a comment if you have any questions or suggestions. Thank you.

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