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1/4 Server

$ 349.00 /mo
$ 314.10 /mo
Latest Generation Xeon
14 CPU Cores
500 GB NVMe Disk
3 TB Data Transfer
1 IP Address
FREE DirectAdmin
Free Fully Managed 24x7 Support

1/3 Server

$ 449.00 /mo
$ 404.10 /mo
Latest Generation Xeon
18 CPU Cores
667 GB NVMe Disk
6 TB Data Transfer
1 IP Address
FREE DirectAdmin
Free Fully Managed 24x7 Support

1/2 Server

$ 659.00 /mo
$ 593.10 /mo
Latest Generation Xeon
28 CPU Cores
1000 GB NVMe Disk
10 TB Data Transfer
1 IP Address
FREE DirectAdmin
Free Fully Managed 24x7 Support

Full Server

$ 1299.00 /mo
$ 1169.10 /mo
Latest Generation Xeon
56 CPU Cores
2000 GB NVMe Disk
Unmetered Data Transfer
1 IP Address
FREE DirectAdmin
Free Fully Managed 24x7 Support


$ 2499.00 /mo
$ 2249.10 /mo
Latest Generation Xeon
80 CPU Cores
200 GB RAM
3500 GB NVMe Disk
Unmetered Data Transfer
1 IP Address
FREE DirectAdmin
Free Fully Managed 24x7 Support

Cloud Dedicated Servers Features

Cloud Dedicated Server

Enhanced Performance and Security

Enterprise level performing environment, acceleration and maximum security of your servers.

Cloud Dedicated Servers

Exclusivity of Server Resources

Take a complete control over hardware resources and how they are distributed and never share server resources with others.

Cloud Dedicated Server Hosting

Fully Managed Support

All our virtual servers are fully managed. We will help you and fully support you with any aspect of using/configuring your server and the software installed on your server when it was provisioned.

Cloud Dedicated Hosting

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

We only reboot the physical host servers when absolutely necessary, for ex. to fix a hardware or network problem.

Dedicated Cloud Server Hosting

Enterprise NVMe Storage

All our servers are equipped with Enterprise Grade NVMe drives. You will get approx 10-20 times better disk i/o performance compared to a normal VPS on an SSD drive storage.

Managed Cloud Dedicated Server

Flexible Backup Policy

Our flexible backups, available as an additional option, provide peace of mind for fast and efficient disaster recovery. Any custom backup schedule can be implemented according to your requirements.

Dedicated Hosting Cloud

Free Website Migration

Moving to RoseHosting has never been easier! Our Linux Admins will migrate all your data for free!

Cloud Hosting Dedicated Server

24x7 EPIC Support

We don't sleep. We don't take vacations. We are here 24/7. The normal response time to your emails or support tickets is less than 5 minutes.

Cloud Dedicated Hosting

Our focus is providing you the best dedicated hosting experience...

Our Cloud Dedicated Servers provide the raw and unfiltered power that you need for your resource-intensive workloads. Sometimes a VPS just won't cut it. If you have a small/medium-sized business that needs the resources to back a larger load (e.g. several hundreds of clients and connections each performing tasks on your server), a dedicated server will best suit your use case.

Our Cloud Dedicated Servers all use the latest-generation Intel Xeon processors that provide excellent performance (especially in multi-threaded applications), up to 200 gigabytes of DDR4 RAM, up to 3.8 terabytes of Enterprise-Grade solid-state storage, and several other power-user features that make for a system that is bulletproof and ready to handle heavy loads.

With our Dedicated Cloud-based Servers, we put you in complete control of your system. With root access and complete control over everything, it's a real, physical server available to you at all times. On top of this, we're one of the only web hosting providers that provides our team of expert Linux Administrators at your disposal for free with your Cloud Dedicated Server, even though you have root access to your machine. That combination of accessibility and best-in-the-industry tech support means that you are free to experiment and be productive with no stress.

The Linux Dedicated Server Hosting that we offer is available to all of our customers at all times - rain or shine, night or day, and anything in between. Backed by our 99.99+% uptime guarantee, your server will always be accessible for your needs, no matter the time or date.

Our expert team of Linux System Administrators go above and beyond the usual tech support treatment with your Managed Dedicated Server. It all starts when you order a server. Our admins will immediately provision the server once it's ready for deployment, as well as install and set up any additional software that you may need. From there, we can help maintain and keep your servers running smoothly, ensuring that the software and programs that you need will be running properly at all times.
In fact, we go a step above the competition and provide manual optimization of certain software and programs, allowing them to work their best based on your unique server configuration. This is unlike anything else that's available on the market - all of the optimization is done in-house with no scripts and pre-determined configurations. Your unique system deserves unique optimizations. And to top it all off, we can harden the security of your server through firewalls, routing rules, prevent unwanted SSH logins, and reduce the risk of an attack. That's what the word "support" should really mean.

Having your Managed Dedicated Server running on Linux gives you a lot of flexibility over other operating systems. Updates can be done without having any downtime, including system updates. The built-in package managers allow you to safely and easily download new functionality to your system, while also updating older packages seamlessly. On top of this, modern Linux server distributions have a reputation of legendary reliability and service life. With constant updates from the community, and rock-solid system stability, your server will remain serviceable for an extensive period of time.
And should you ever need even more space and power, we can provide upgrades to storage and RAM upon request.

Our cloud dedicated servers are built on Enterprise-Level dedicated hardware, combined with the flexibility of cloud computing and instant provisioning. Our cloud dedicated servers are built on single-tenant hardware nodes, in a completely isolated/private environment, making them the perfect solution for hosting your mission-critical applications and workloads.

Our Dedicated Cloud Servers are provisioned on a fully-redundant architecture that minimizes downtime, increases flexibility, and optimizes performance. Our team of highly-skilled cloud engineers are avaliable 24/7 to assist you with any requests or questions that you might have.

Dedicated cloud servers are combination of dedicated hardware with a layer of virtualization that unleashes the flexibility of cloud computing, build on a single tenancy enviroment with all hardware resources dedicated to you. Cloud dedicated hosting features fully-dedicated privacy, enhanced custom-built security, complete control with root access, scalability, high-avaliability and much more.

In essence, a dedicated server is a fully-fledged physical server that is allocated to a customer. They have complete control over the operating system, much like a VPS, except the server's hardware in its entirety is yours to utilize. This of course allows you to run more processor-intensive programs, RAM-intensive software, and have more storage to work with for your webpage's content or other applications.

Cloud Dedicated Servers are rarely intended for individuals to use. Most times they are for businesses that are medium-sized, allowing their employees and customers to access the server concurrently with no slowdowns. Thanks to the greater CPU availability, larger RAM capacity, and fast storage that is unused by other virtual servers, this maximizes performance for all people accessing the server.

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Here's what some of our clients are saying.

I love Rose Hosting so much, I kind of hate leaving a review. They are like a secret gem! Before them I was using a well known company and struggling. Rose Hosting basically held my hand through all of my VPS Hosting so I could concentrate on what I'm good at, web design.

Christina Gammon 03/16/2019

I have been 13 years as a customer for web hosting with many other companies, I started been a rosehosting customer in 2020 and they are the best in quality of service and support, and top notch technology. With the included support (best effort) they give you. you really are getting half the price on the hosting you pay them. I am very happy with them. I implement a lot of proyects, and they always are very helpfull. I can really call them a partner!

Jorge Matsufuji 07/15/2020

There were a few slightly non intuitive issues with the order process which meant i had to contact support to help me through but i am very happy with you as a company and the service you provide!

Joel Kriteman 09/09/2019