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$ 24.95 /mo
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$ 22.45 /mo
With Coupon YEARLY10
1 CPU Cores
30 GB NVMe Storage
2 TB Data Transfer
Dedicated/Static IP Address
Run Unlimited Websites/Apps
Control Panel from $5
FREE Fully Managed Support
FULL Root Access
FREE Let's Encrypt SSL
FREE Migration
FREE Weekly Backup


$ 49.95 /mo
was $65.95
$ 44.95 /mo
With Coupon YEARLY10
2 CPU Cores
50 GB NVMe Storage
4 TB Data Transfer
Dedicated/Static IP Address
Run Unlimited Websites/Apps
Control Panel from $5
FREE Fully Managed Support
FULL Root Access
FREE Let's Encrypt SSL
FREE Migration
FREE Weekly Backup


$ 74.95 /mo
was $97.95
$ 67.45 /mo
With Coupon YEARLY10
3 CPU Cores
80 GB NVMe Storage
6 TB Data Transfer
Dedicated/Static IP Address
Run Unlimited Websites/Apps
Control Panel from $5
FREE Fully Managed Support
FULL Root Access
FREE Let's Encrypt SSL
FREE Migration
FREE Weekly Backup


$ 99.95 /mo
was $130.95
$ 89.95 /mo
With Coupon YEARLY10
4 CPU Cores
120 GB NVMe Storage
8 TB Data Transfer
Dedicated/Static IP Address
Run Unlimited Websites/Apps
Control Panel from $5
FREE Fully Managed Support
FULL Root Access
FREE Let's Encrypt SSL
FREE Migration
FREE Weekly Backup

All VPS Plans

CPU CORES RAM NVMe STORAGE DATA TRANSFER Fully Managed Control Panel Price /mo Order
SSD 1 VPS 1 1 GB 30 GB 2 TB From $5/mo
SSD 2 VPS 2 2 GB 50 GB 4 TB From $5/mo
SSD 4 VPS 3 4 GB 80 GB 6 TB From $5/mo
SSD 8 VPS 4 8 GB 120 GB 8 TB From $5/mo
SSD 12 VPS 6 12 GB 160 GB 10 TB From $0/mo
SSD 16 VPS 8 16 GB 200 GB 12 TB From $0/mo
SSD 24 VPS 10 24 GB 300 GB 12 TB From $0/mo
SSD 32 VPS 12 32 GB 400 GB Unmetered TB From $0/mo
SSD 64 VPS 12 64 GB 400 GB Unmetered TB From $0/mo

PostgreSQL Hosting Features

Manual Optimization and Fine-Tuning

We manually optimize and fine-tune your server configuration for speed and efficiency.

Free Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates

Free Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates are available with all our hosting plans. You can run all your sites over a secure connection for free.

Fully Managed Support

All our virtual servers are fully managed. We will help you and fully support you with any aspect of using/configuring your server and the software installed on your server when it was provisioned.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

We only reboot the physical host servers when absolutely necessary, for ex. to fix a hardware or network problem.

Enterprise NVMe Storage

All our servers are equipped with Enterprise Grade NVMe storage. You will get much better disk i/o performance compared to a normal VPS on a traditional SSD storage.

FREE Full Weekly Backup

All virtual servers are backed up weekly providing for a fast and efficient disaster recovery. Daily backups are also available as an additional option.

Free Website Migration

Moving to RoseHosting has never been easier! Our Linux Admins will migrate all your data for free!

24x7 EPIC Support

We don't sleep. We don't take vacations. We are here 24/7. The normal response time to your emails or support tickets is less than 5 minutes.

PostgreSQL Friendly Hosting

We aim to bring you the most intuitive and feature-rich PostgreSQL hosting on the market.

If you need fast and reliable database management using PostgreSQL, then you've come to the right place. We do everything we can to make sure that your databases are as fast as possible, while also ensuring that they are online for as long as possible. We can move your existing PostgreSQL databases to your new VPS free-of-charge so that you can get started right away.

Having a fully-managed support team available at all times can greatly benefit your business. It allows you to cut down on maintenance costs, and you may even be able to avoid having to hire someone to maintain the technical side of your business altogether. Fully-managed means that we can help with anything related to your server and its services. Whether your website won't load, emails aren't sending, or a process can't start, we'll be there to help no matter what the issue may be.

Our Managed PostgreSQL VPS hosting is developer-friendly. We will install and configure anything you need, so you can manage your PostgreSQL databases easily and build your applications in record time.

Is your PostgreSQL server feeling a little slow? Need better response times? We can help you optimize and improve your PostgreSQL system's performance. We don't use predefined configurations to cover all use cases - we perform custom optimizations for your specific PostgreSQL instance to maximize performance for the task that your use case needs most. Just start a live chat or submit a ticket, and we'll get started on speeding up your PostgreSQL server immediately.

Having quality server hardware is important for maintaining a consistent and responsive database server experience. All of our servers run on the latest-generation technology, including DDR4 memory and enterprise-grade solid-state storage. These features are very useful, especially when a busy PostgreSQL server can have many I/O operations every second.

Keeping your data safe and always available are our highest priorities. That's why we have a 99.99% uptime guarantee, which is possible thanks to our fully-redundant hardware. Your data is also redundant - we make weekly backups of your entire VPS, free-of-charge, giving you peace-of-mind that your data is backed up. More importantly, we provide free daily database backups, which provides you with added safety in case something destructive happens to your data.

PostgreSQL is an object-relational database management system (or DBMS for short) whose primary function is to securely store data, which can later be retrieved by making a request from a software application written in PHP, Python, Java, Ruby, or other programming language.

Originally called POSTGRES, it was initially meant to be a successor of Ingres, which is a competing DBMS. While Ingres is closed-source and is proprietary, PostgreSQL is free and open-source, allowing anyone to use it for any purpose. Originally released in 1996, PostgreSQL has undergone many revisions. From fully supporting data types and relationships, to transitioning to the SQL interpreter, PostgreSQL has adapted and added new features continuously over the years to keep it competitive with other DBMS options.

To adminster PostgreSQL databases, you can use an open-source front-end tool like phpPgAdmin (a web-based administration tool for PostgreSQL) or pgAdmin (an open-source GIU administration tool). The web-based frontend provides you with an easy-to-use and user-friendly design, making sure that even users that are inexperienced with databases can find their way around easily. The command-line tool on the other hand provides greater control over the data and is preferable for power users that have worked with database management systems in the past.

See how RoseHosting compares to the competition in the head-to-head analysis below - the right choice is clear.

RoseHosting H***G**** G*D**** K****H*** L*****
Dedicated Resources
Transparent Pricing
24x7 US-Based Support
Free Weekly Backups
Uptime Guarantee 99.99% 99.90% 99.90% 99.90% 99.90%
Time In Business 19 Years 18 Years 22 Years 14 Years 17 Years
Free Data Migration
2GB RAM Plan Price $49.95/mo $79.95/mo $39.99/mo $50/mo $10/mo
Fully Managed Service +$160 +$100
Total 2GB RAM Plan Cost $49.95/mo $79.95/mo $199.99/mo $50/mo $110/mo
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Here's what some of our clients are saying.

Customer Service is by far the best you would ever find anywhere. They are an amazing team willing to collaborate and explain in detail in order to help. The team of technicians are fast pace and quick at solving any issue. they are absolutely great professionals.

Lerry Mizza 08/03/2020

After a long time searching for a provider, I've found Rose Hosting, which provides me help full time with administration of my server whenever I need, answering all the requests so quickly like I've never seen in any other provider. I´m completely satisfied and feel completely safe.

Rodrigo Manoel 01/24/2019

RoseHosting's service has been EXCEPTIONAL. I work for a small nonprofit and they helped us migrate over an old (10+ years) MediaWiki install from a different provider, change all the PHP and Apache and Nginx and Varnish settings, then diagnose some server crashes (the Varnish cache ran out of memory), then helped us migrate to a new server with WHM and cPanel installed -- all included as part of our hosting package. Their pricing has been incredibly fair, transparent, and worth every penny for their professionalism and kindness.

Roger Tuan 02/10/2019
Managed PostgreeSQL Hosting

Optimized PostgreSQL Hosting
with Managed 24/7 Support

We offer multiple PostgreSQL web hosting solutions tailored to suit even your most demanding needs.

PostgreSQL is a very powerful and highly scalable open-source object-relational database management system. Our Linux virtual servers are perfect for hosting your PostgreSQL databases. We provide everything you need, including a free installation of PostgreSQL on your VPS. PostgreSQL provides an alternative to MySQL for running database applications, and is used by many websites. Our unparalleled 24/7 support team will help you with any aspect of using or configuring your PostgreSQL server.

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