Monthly Archives: July 2012

How to install and configure JBoss AS with Java and Apache2 as a reverse proxy

Today we are going to show you how to setup JAVA, JBoss AS and an Apache server acting as a reverse proxy using one of our Debian Virtual Servers. We assume you have a working Apache server in place.

So, what is JBoss ?
JBoss is an open-source application server developed by RedHat based on the J2EE platform for developing and deploying enterprise Java applications, Web applications, Services, Portals and more. The J2EE allows applications to be standardized and modular allowing JAVA to handle many programming aspects when developing an application.

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How to install LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL and PHP) on CentOS 6 with phpMyAdmin and APC cache

Linux Apache MySQL and PHPIn today’s article we will cover the steps on how to install the LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL and PHP) stack on a CentOS 6 based VPS.

LAMP represents a full featured stack containing the most popular web server known as Apache, the most popular database server MySQL and the most popular open-source web programming language known as PHP.

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