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Install ClamAV on a CentOS 6 VPS with DirectAdmin

ClamIn today’s article on our blog we are going to install ClamAV on a CentOS 6 VPS with DirectAdmin control panel. We are offering DirectAdmin for free with all our VPS hosting plans.

Clam AntiVirus or ClamAV is very popular and widely used, free and open source antivirus application for Unix like systems. It is designed for detecting over 750.000 viruses, trojans, worms, mobile malware and other malicious software on your server. ClamAV is especially used on email servers as server-side email scanner.

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Install Selfoss on Debian Wheezy



In this article we will show you how to install Selfoss on a Debian Wheezy VPS with PHP-FPM, Nginx and MySQL. Selfoss is a new multipurpose rss reader, live stream, mashup and aggregation web application. It is written in PHP and uses either SQLite, MySQL or PostgreSQL as a database. Selfoss is a project of Tobias Zeising and is licensed under GPL v3.

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How to Install Plone 4 CMS on Debian Wheezy with Nginx

plone Plone is a popular open source enterprise grade CMS (content management system) based on the Python programming language.  Plone shares many similarities with WordPress. It is very easy to use, flexible CMS built with the main purpose to design, create and manage content rich websites. Also, Plone can be used as a groupware collaboration tool or a document publishing system. Plone runs on top of the Zope web application server. This tutorial will help you install Plone 4 on a virtual server with Debian Wheezy and Nginx installed on it.
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How to install and integrate OpenDKIM with Postfix on a CentOS 6 VPS

how-to-install-and-integrate-opendkim-with-postfix-on-a-centos-6-vpsThis tutorial is part 5 of the mailserver set-up with virtual users and domains using Postfix and Dovecot series. It goes through the steps of installing and integrating OpenDKIM in Postfix on a CentOS 6 Linux VPS.

After completing this tutorial you will end-up having OpenDKIM adding digital signatures to your emails, thus making the mailserver set-up even more robust and professional.

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How to install MyBB on a LEMP (Linux + Nginx + MySQL + PHP-FPM) VPS

MyBB VPSMyBB, also known as MyBBoard or MyBulletinBoard, is very popular and free forum software developed using PHP and MySQL. This tutorial will help you install MyBB on a Linux virtual server.
This article assumes that Nginx is already set up and running with PHP 5.1 or newer via FastCGI. Also, MyBB forum requires a database for data storage, so you need to have MySQL, PostgreSQL, or SQLite installed and running on your VPS.

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How to install MediaWiki on Debian Wheezy

mediawiki MediaWiki is an open source PHP-based software application developed by the Wikimedia Foundation. MediaWiki requires Apache web server, PHP 5 and a database server (MySQL, PostgreSQL, or SQLite) installed and running on the server. This is a short tutorial on how to install MediaWiki on a virtual server with Debian Wheezy. Continue reading

How to install the latest versions of node.js and Bower on Ubuntu 13.10

node.js bowerNode.js is a popular platform created for easily building fast and scalable network applications. Also, node.js contains a highly customizable HTTP server library so it is possible to run a web server without the use of external software, such as Apache thus allowing more control of how the web server works. Node.js is maturing quickly and it has become wildly popular. Node.js is able to handle modern Web content in all its richness. It’s fairly easy to get started with node.js. To install the latest version of node.js on a virtual server running Ubuntu 13.10, follow the steps below:

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Optimize your CentOS 6 VPS Nginx-powered Joomla Installation

optimize-your-centos-6-vps-nginx-powered-joomla-installationAs promised, in this sequel of my previous post, we’ll see some useful steps for performance and security optimization of your Nginx-powered Joomla installation on a CentOS VPS and get it ready for its production run. Please note that these are not one-time and/or persistent settings. Performance and security optimization is a constant process.

So, the first thing I do after every Joomla installation is to hide its version, since it’s known that attackers usually scan for the Joomla version so they can track and explore its vulnerabilities.

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Run Joomla with Nginx on a Centos VPS

run-joomla-on-nginx-on-centos-vpsToday we will show you how to install Joomla, one of the most popular open source Content Management Systems on your LNMP stack (Nginx, MySQL and PHP-FPM) Centos VPS.
Follow this article carefully and in no more than 10 minutes you will have a common Joomla CMS installed on your LNMP stack Centos VPS, and in the next article we will optimize the very same installation performance-wise, as an addition to several security tips that will provide safer hosting for you and your business.

Let’s get to work.

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Migrate your WordPress website to a new virtual server

migThe migration process may sound complicated, but it’s really quite easy. All you need is an SSH access to both old and new servers. In this guide, we will show you how to move your WordPress website and  other data from your old hosting provider to your new virtual server with almost no downtime.

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