Cloud Managed Services: What, How, and Why Businesses Need Them

cloud managed services

What are Cloud Managed Services?

Today, thousands of companies are leveraging cloud-managed services, seeing the exceptional benefits it reaps. Cloud-managed service is a solution that offers skilled resources to manage organizations’ IT infrastructure and in-house functionalities. These services are employed by collaborating with a third-party MSP (managed service provider) via cloud servers.

Cloud managed services have a purpose of filling up the cloud management gaps, cut off costs, and enhance operational efficiencies altogether. In cloud-managed services, the organizations outsource the IT management for their entire cloud-based tech stack and related technical support. Such MSPs will handle your cloud computing needs, automate most business workflows, and improve efficiencies. These include monitoring, disaster recovery, back-ups, performance testing, and reporting.

Why Cloud Managed Services?

Cloud Managed Services can completely turn the tables for IT organizations. It cuts off recurring in-house operational IT costs, automates business-critical workflows, and transforms your IT systems to be more efficient. To summarize, these services can help enterprises achieve their business goals and scale with them.

Part of the Cloud Managed Services includes standard services such as managed security operations, managed network operations, managed cloud, managed applications, and IT lifecycle management. These third-party services will help organizations replace processes or functions that incur high iterating costs or help them hone up their insufficient competencies.

Fully Managed Cloud Services

Fully Managed Cloud Services ensure high availability, top-notch security, and performance of your cloud infrastructure. If you would like to learn more about what is managed hosting in the simplest terms, you can check our definition of it. RoseHosting’s fully Managed Cloud Services will optimize your IT infrastructure and provide you access to our professional suite of on-demand services. Our monthly management fees are cost-effective, as you will only pay for what you use.

RoseHosting will take total ownership of your cloud environment to render high availability, enhanced security, zero business disruption, hyper agility, adherence to compliance standards, automated analytical reporting, business continuity, IT optimization, and intelligent network management.

We have a team of skilled experts who offer proactive support and consultation services to ensure a seamless digital transformation to the cloud.

Our Fully Managed Cloud Services Plans comprise of:

  • On-demand professional suite of services
  • Round-the-clock monitoring, alerts and incident management
  • Dedicated team of IT managers
  • IT Cost optimization
  • Performance optimization
  • Server OS Patching 
managed cloud services and why businesses need them

What is a Managed Cloud Service provider?

Due to rapid evolution of cloud computing and big data services, Cloud Managed Services are highly trending in the industry today.

Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a third-party organization that helps enterprises with IT infrastructure management via cloud platforms. These services allow you to manage cloud computing, networks, operating systems and storage, and application stacks, and modern IT tools that run in the IT infrastructure.

Opting for a managed cloud service provider will simplify the entire process of cloud migration. For this, MSPs leverage various means such as capacity management, business continuity, asset management, and service management.

Benefits of Cloud Managed Services

Whether you have a single, hybrid or multi-cloud environment for your company, managed cloud service providers help fill in the technical gaps in cloud management. Thus, it will enhance operational efficiencies.

Here are the top 5 benefits of using cloud managed services:

  1. Predictable cost spending

Managed cloud services provide high flexibility for the client to select their support tier, allowing them to step up or step down as per business needs. Moreover, the monthly IT costs are cut, leading to an accurate budget and predictable cost evaluations. Most MSPs offer financial modules to customize plans as per business requirements to avoid unnecessary spending.

  1. Cut down infrastructure costs

Outsourcing managed cloud services can cut down infrastructure costs as businesses don’t need to invest in expensive capital assets independently. While businesses leverage robust network infrastructure, the manage cloud service provider has another role. They will take care of the initial setup, maintain the network, and handle hardware assets, cloud migration plans, and staff training.

  1. Proactive Support

Managed cloud services offer round-the-clock technical support, so your in-house team does not have to worry about cloud-related problems. This especially applies in case of power outages or slow connections. Having someone take care of the hosting boosts the productivity of your IT teams so that they can focus on core business strategies.

  1. Future proofing

Cloud migration is just the beginning of your digital transformation journey. It future proofs your data center by onboarding new technologies and services. Running on-prem servers is often risky and expensive, as they are prone to catastrophic failure if a disaster occurs. On the other hand, cloud computing is much safer as it mitigates such risks and acts as an effective DR (disaster recovery) strategy.

  1. Security and compliance

Non-compliance to security and regulatory privacy standards can cost you huge fines along with damage to a brand’s reputation. Cloud managed services help you comply with standard regulations for seamless business operations.

How RoseHosting Helps Companies Grow?

What is the need for the right Cloud Managed Services? And, what can bad strategies lead to?

Here’s the answer:

  • Operational Risks: Choosing an optimal Cloud MSP is essential. Failing to do so may give rise to several operational risks and hinder the processes running in your cloud environments. It may further lead to creating bottlenecks in your supply and sales pipeline.
  • Security risks: Applications, especially those running in a public cloud environment, are prone to cloud security risks. Right cloud MSPs will build optimal security strategies to secure your cloud infrastructure and mitigate such risks.
  • Service support: Poor service support can make your cloud migration more expensive and time-consuming. 

RoseHosting addresses all these problems by offering reliable, and goal-centric cloud managed services. It provides effective cloud infrastructure management services, so you know you will be investing in a robust future. Opting for our cloud managed services will give you a competitive edge and provide maximum benefits for your company with the implementation of new technologies at scale.

RoseHosting managed cloud services offer advanced technologies to help you with seamless cloud migration to hybrid cloud environments. In other words, it assists businesses in leveraging modern technologies and applications for rapid digital growth. 

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Today, enterprises all across the globe have acknowledged how the cloud brings forth innovation and digital transformation right into business workloads. It is a power-packed technology that keeps challenging IT infrastructures to adopt and employ modern cloud-based notions.

We build and manage business-centric solutions to simplify your workflows, business processes and reduce recurring costs drastically. RoseHosting Cloud Managed services boost your productivity by taking care of daily cloud administrative tasks so that you can focus on business strategies.

By leveraging our managed cloud services, you will be able to automate processes in your multi-cloud and hybrid cloud deployments.

RoseHosting offers:

  • Strategic management models
  • Top-notch self-service and automation capabilities to enhance business value
  • Quality pricing
  • On-time delivery
  • Security and compliance management
  • Dedicated support and proactive approach
  • System monitoring, alerting and reporting
  • Architecture guidance
  • System administration and Ops
  • Database administration
  • Performance testing and tuning
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Application deployment, scaling and lifecycle management

Why RoseHosting?

IT managers often get overwhelmed with iterating administrative daily tasks. As your tech stack grows, it gets difficult for IT managers to administer, monitor, and manage every single component in the large cloud environment. It can occur due to lack of resources or required expertise. 

RoseHosting’s managed cloud hosting services aim to simplify IT cloud management for IT leaders and CTOs to focus on key business competencies. Our certified team of experts will look after the complex and repetitive administrative tasks to simplify your business-critical processes and reduce IT operational costs drastically.

We offer custom solutions to fit the requirements of every business, be it large enterprises or SMEs. We offer best business website hosting practices, technical expertise, and proactive support round-the-clock according to unique business needs. From cloud infrastructure migrations to application lifecycle management, we offer many strategic solutions to help organizations build, manage, and monitor their IT environment with utmost excellence.

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