How to install and configure eXo Platform with Java and Apache as a reverse proxy

exo platform vpsEXo Platform is an open source software written in Java which allow developers to build a modern social intranets, business portals with complete collaborative and content management features, websites, forums, wikis, workflows, work-spaces, activity streams and more – all in one single platform. The content can easily be aggregated in a secure and customizable way.

In this step-by-step tutorial, we will show you how to easily install eXo Platform on a Linux based virtual server.

In order to run eXo Platform, Java is required to be installed on the Linux VPS, so install it using the following command:

yum install java-1.7.0-openjdk

Download the latest version of eXo Platform available at

cd /root/
wget -O
mv platform-community-* platform-community

Move the ‘/root/platform-community’ directory to the ‘/usr/share/platform-community’ directory:

mv /root/platform-community /usr/share/platform-community

To start the eXo Platform, use the following command (use the ‘–background’ option to start the eXo Platform as a background process)


To stop the eXo Platform, use the following command


You can access eXo platform at

Or, configure Apache as a reverse proxy so it can handle and pass the requests to eXo Platform and hide the port number in the URL.

Edit the ‘/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf’ Apache configuration file and uncomment the following line:

#NameVirtualHost *:80

Then, add the following virtual host at the end:

<VirtualHost *:80>

ProxyRequests Off
<Proxy *>
Order deny,allow
Allow from all

ProxyPass /
ProxyPassReverse /
<Location />
Order allow,deny
Allow from all

Make sure the mod_proxy module is enabled and restart the Apache service for the changes to take effect using the following command:

service httpd restart

The eXo Platform can now be accessed by opening . Make sure you create a primary user account:

exo setup

That is it. You can start using the eXO social collaboration platform and explore its great features such as document management, portal, calendar, forums, answers, dashboards, wiki, spaces, user profiles, tasks, connections, polls, posts, activity streams and more.


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  1. If I stop and start eXo using /usr/share/platform-community/ I seem to lose all login and memer data. Is that normal?


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