Install Centmin Mod on a CentOS 6 VPS

centosCentmin Mod is a shell script which provides menu based installer that allows you to install and manage the latest versions of Nginx webserver, MariaDB/MySQL, PHP and a DNS server on a CentOS VPS, without using a control panel. Centmin Mod is a standalone stack and it does not work with control panels like WHM/cPanel or DirectAdmin.

In this tutorial we will show you how to install Centmin Mod on a CentOS 6 VPS. Please note that Centmin Mod currently supports CentOS 5 and CentOS 6. CentOS 7 support is currently being tested and it will be available soon.

First of all, log in to your CentOS VPS as user root and make sure that all packages are up to date

yum -y update

Install the following requirements

yum -y install bc wget unzip yum-plugin-fastestmirror

Change the current working directory and download the latest stable Centmin Mod release

cd /opt/

Unpack the downloaded zip archive


This will create a new ‘centmin-v1.2.3mod’ directory

cd centmin-v1.2.3mod/

Give execute permissions to the script, so we can run it.

chmod +x

Run the script:


You will have the following options:

1).  Centmin Install
2).  Add Nginx vhost domain
3).  NSD setup domain name DNS
4).  Nginx Upgrade / Downgrade
5).  PHP Upgrade / Downgrade
6).  XCache Re-install
7).  APC Cache Re-install
8).  XCache Install
9).  APC Cache Install
10). Memcached Server Re-install
11). MariaDB 5.2, 5.5, 10 Upgrade Sub-Menu
12). Zend OpCache Install/Re-install
13). Install
14). SELinux disable
15). Install/Re-install ImageMagick PHP Extension
16). Change SSHD Port Number
17). Multi-thread compression: pigz,pbzip2,lbzip2,p7zip etc
18). Suhosin PHP Extension install
19). Install FFMPEG and FFMPEG PHP Extension
20). NSD Re-install
21). Update - Nginx + PHP-FPM + Siege
22). Exit

and select the first option from the menu.

Now, sit back and wait while Centmin Mod is installing all packages on your server. It may take up to one hour, depending on your server configuration.

With this step the Centmin Mod installation is completed. If you want to create Nginx vhost directive, run the scipt again and select the second option.

Detailed instructions on how to get started with Centmin Mod you can find at their official website.

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2 thoughts on “Install Centmin Mod on a CentOS 6 VPS”

  1. Hello,

    Can you help me with the instructions to setup SSL on my website, I have installed Centminmod on my VPS with Centos 6.

    • If you installed Nginx on your server via Centmin Mod, please check the official Nginx documentation at for instructions about how to set up an SSL certificate for your website. Thanks.


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