What is Managed Hosting?

What is Managed Hosting

Managed hosting refers to the process of hiring a web hosting provider for a day-to-day management of system hardware, software, and servers. In simpler terms, when you outsource the job of managing your websites, it is called managed hosting.

Suppose, you are hosting an e-commerce website through web-hosting providers, and instead of letting your IT staff update OS packages, implement security patches, update website installations, etc., you ask the hosting provider support team to do this job on your behalf. Then, this agreement regarding the management of your website is called managed hosting.

Who is it For?

Small Businesses With Limited Staff for Website Management

Small businesses do not have the budget to hire experts for managing their websites. Managed hosting gives such businesses an option to enjoy and utilize the services of experts without actually hiring them, and at a much lower cost. This is especially useful when their website is complex or attracts a lot of traffic.

Online Businesses Requiring Up-To-Date Security

Online businesses, especially e-commerce websites, deal with a lot of sensitive information. It is extremely important to protect such data in order to maintain the customer’s confidence in the business. Managed hosting provides protection against malware and other viruses which may access this data stealthily and utilize them for unfair means.

Websites With High Traffic

If you own a website that faces a lot of traffic, you know how tough it is to deal with customer requests. Managing high-traffic websites not only needs better technology but also requires the expertise of experienced support admins who know how to manage the traffic and ensure that the functioning of the website is not disturbed or slowed down. This can be achieved only with the help of managed hosting, which offers such amazing hosting services at an affordable price.

Websites Having Heavy Back-End Needs

Heavy back-end needs imply that a website has many things running in the background. Designing and developing a website is a complex process that involves some complicated coding, which can be handled only by trained professionals. Managed hosting service providers have an efficient team of such professionals, which makes it ideal for websites that need an expert support team.

Why Should You Choose Managed Hosting?

Saves Cost

Managed hosting is a cheaper way of managing your website in the long run. If you hire your own staff for managing the server and websites hosted on it, it will increase your operating costs by a huge amount. And if you want the same level of expertise from your own staff, your company may even have to continuously refine their learning and knowledge which is an additional expense. So, in the long run, only managed hosting can provide beneficial services at a reasonable and affordable price.

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The best fully managed hosting providers usually have an excellent support team. They not only address your grievances and doubts through emails, and chat systems, but also provide support in case of mishaps. For example, if a virus infects your website, the web hosting providers will help you restore your website and ensure that you do not lose the traffic, customers, or suffer losses. They mostly take regular backups of the latest version of your websites and data, thus preparing you for any unforeseen and unfortunate occurrences.


The level of expertise and security that can be offered by managed hosting is very difficult to find in the regular IT staff. Managed hosting service providers offer numerous benefits like scanning for viruses, filtering spam, doing regular check-ups and security patches, and keeping the operating system up to date. Finding efficient staff for doing all this work is not only difficult but also a lot more expensive.


Web hosting providers are extremely reliable and have a competitive and talented staff. When you opt for managed hosting, you can easily delegate all duties related to server hosting, and don’t need to worry about anything at all. They provide 24/7 service, take regular backups and even help you restore your website in case of mishaps.

Saves Time

Once you have established your website, managing it is a routine job that you should not worry about. Managed hosting takes care of your website on your behalf, taking a big load off your shoulders, and allowing you to concentrate on more important and innovative things which need your attention. For example, you can think of ways to make your website more appealing or expand your business.


Managed hosting provides an effective and efficient way to manage the day-to-day operations of busy websites. Unmanaged hosting, on the other hand, not only adds to your burden of work but may also lead to inefficiency and loss of traffic due to poor website and server management. You should be extremely careful while choosing a managed hosting company. You should always ask questions like, where will your data be stored, how frequently will they back up your data, what will they do if a service is not working, etc.

To sum it up, managed hosting can prove to be extremely useful if it is done in the right manner. There’s no doubt in the fact that managed hosting is a much better option for your business, as compared to unmanaged hosting.

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