How to Install and Configure NGINX and PHP on RoseHosting Cloud PaaS

how to install and configure nginx and php on rosehosting cloud paas

In this article, we’ll learn how to install and configure PHP applications using NGINX webserver on our Cloud Environment. By using this service, we’ll be able to deploy our PHP application within minutes.

The RoseHosting Cloud platform is perfect for developers, as it offers easy application deployment and configuration. It is also popular among web companies since it offers the installation of applications such as WordPress, Magento, or Odoo with a single click. Finally, many large, medium, and small businesses use our PaaS, as it offers seamless implementation of high availability clusters.

Now, let’s begin with the tutorial.


  • You should have at least 1 dollar to access our PaaS Cloud hosting Panel. You can go to our Managed Cloud hosting page and then hit sign up.


Once we add the one dollar to our Cloud Account, we’ll need to set up our new environment on the cloud.

install and configure nginx and php on rosehosting cloud paas

Then we need to choose NGINX instead of Apache on our application server as shown below:

install nginx and php on rosehosting cloud paas

You can also switch between the PHP version on this menu, so you can choose one that fits better for you.

configure nginx and php on rosehosting cloud paas

Once we finish the selection on this table, we can hit Create and this window will close and a pop-up will appear on the right side of our dashboard.

set up nginx and php on rosehosting cloud paas

After the environment deploys, we need to upload our PHP website to the instance, and this can be done in 3 ways, URL, GIT, and ZIP file. We’ll describe below how to do with all types.

setting up nginx and php on rosehosting cloud paas

Uploading PHP using a compressed file.

In this step, you need to compress all your PHP files into a zip. If you have a Windows Machine, you can just do these steps to create a zip file:

Create an empty zip file (If in your computer you don’t have Winrar, the option will be called “Compressed (zipped) folder”)

configuring nginx and php on rosehosting paas

Then after creating the file, you should nominate it to whatever you like more. Please avoid using spaces and special characters.

how to set up nginx and php on rosehosting paas

After you create the zip file, we’ll need to put our PHP structure inside the zip file. We can do that by selecting the files and dragging them inside the ZIP.

nginx and php configuration on rosehosting paas

So, now we have our PHP website inside the zip, let’s upload it to our environment as shown below:


php and nginx configuration on rosehosting paas
nginx and php installation on rosehosting paas
php and nginx installation on rosehosting paas
(You can leave “Path:” blank there. It will be automatically filled up.)

Once you reach here, you just need to hit deploy and your application will start deploying to the root.

how to install php and nginx on rosehosting paas

Then, you can access your environment link without problems and your application will be there.

Uploading using an URL

If you have your website up and running on an external provider, you can zip the content from your website and let it be available through the website link. And then our cloud will download it and extract it.

rosehosting paas installation of nginx and php

Once you hit Deploy, the same will happen as if you were uploading with the file. The project will start to upload, and you’ll be able to check it on the environment link.


rosehosting paas installation of php and nginx

Uploading using a git REPO.

This one is the best one if you want to update it automatically with a team or with a colleague.

rosehosting paas cofiguration of php and nginx

After hitting Add New Repository, you need to fill it with your data, repo link, and repo name.

configure and install php and nginx on rosehosting paas

Be sure to configure the branch for the one that you want to deploy; master is the default. Once you hit Add, a new Box will pop up to finish the setup of your repositories.

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php and nginx rosehosting paas configuration

With this option of Git, you can set a check and auto-deploy updates. So any updates from your repo will be automatically uploaded.

If you have already finished the configuration, just hit Deploy and it will start deploying.

Now, we need to set up a custom domain for our environment and put it in production.

Binding custom domain and installing SSL.

We’ll not proceed with the domain binding, so we can use this environment as production. Just access settings from your environment.

nginx and php rosehosting paas configuration

Once you bind, a pop-up will appear on the right top.

how to install nginx and php on rosehosting platform as a service

Then, when the domain is listed below the box, we can proceed with the SSL installation. Be sure that you pointed your domain/subdomain to the environment link as shown on step 2 from the dashboard.

how to set up nginx and php on rosehosting platform as a service

You should now fill your domain on the External Domain(s) and hit Install. Your SSL request will start to be issued and then you’ll be able to access your domain with a valid SSL and will see your PHP application.

rosehosting paas setting up of nginx and php

After this screen closes, you’re ready to go and start using your environment as production. You have successfully deployed your PHP application to our Cloud PaaS. Of course, if you face any problems or need any assistance to deploy your application to our fully-managed Cloud PaaS hosting, you can always contact us. We are available 24/7 to help you.

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