Install ownCloud on CentOS 6

Install ownCloud on CentOS 6

We’ll show you, how to Install ownCloud on CentOS 6. OwnCloud is an open-source cloud application which can be used to set up your own cloud server for file-sharing, calendar, contacts, bookmarks, music-streaming, and a lot more. For more info about this application visit the ownCloud website. Installing ownCloud on CentOS 6, is easy task and should take less then 10 minutes to complete.

1. Requirements

You must have SSH access.
You must have php5 (>= 5.3), apache2 and MySQL installed on your VPS server.

2. Enable ATrpms

Enable ATrpms repository:

rpm --import

Make sure the following lines are included in /etc/yum.conf

name=RHEL 6 - atrpms-stable - $releasever - $basearch

3. Install PHP Components

Install the required PHP components:

yum update
yum install php-pecl-apc php-mcrypt php-pear php-mysql php-gd php-mbstring php-pspell php-pdo php-xml

4. Download and Extract ownCloud

Download, extract and move ownCloud to your CentOS VPS webserver directory.

tar -xjf owncloud-4.0.1.tar.bz2
mv owncloud /path/to/your/webserver

5. Assign Permissions

Set the directory permissions

chown -R apache: /path/to/your/webserver/owncloud

6. Create new MySQL Database

Create a new MySQL database using the following commands:

mysql -uroot -pYourPassword
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON owncloud.* TO 'owncloud_user'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'owncloud_user_pasword';

7. Continue the Installation via Web Installer

Open your web browser, navigate to your ownCloud instance and follow the install wizard.

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