Multisite WordPress Cluster Auto Installation

multisite wordpress cluster auto installation

If you have multiple standalone WordPress websites, then it’s a good idea to go with WordPress multisite network.
Multisite WordPress installation allows you to create and manage multiple WordPress websites from a single dashboard. This way, you can edit and update all of your websites from a single place. You can also install and activate plugins and themes for multiple sites at once.

RoseHosting Cloud platform provides an easier way to deploy an auto-scalable WordPress Multisite cluster in a single click.

Install WordPress Cluster

First, log in to RoseHosting cloud platform at as shown below:

auto install multisite wordpress cluster

Click on the MARKETPLACE button. You should see the following page:

Click on the Applications => Clusters => WordPress Cluster Kit v2 to install the WordPress cluster. You should see the following page:

cluster auto installation multisite wordpress

Select the Scaling Strategy, Features, Define your environment name and click on the Install button. Once the installation has been finished, you should get the following page:

setup wordpress cluster auto installation

Click on the Close button to close the installation wizard. You should see your WordPress cluster environment on the following page:

how to configure wordpress cluster auto installation

You should also receive a confirmation email with the link and credentials to manage your WordPress application.

wordpress auto clustering configuration

Configure Domain and SSL Certificate

In order to run your WordPress multisite in production, you should have a valid FQDN domain name and public IP address.

If you select the Let’s Encrypt SSL features during the installation, the public IP address will be added to the Load Balancer node automatically as shown below:

configure wordpress auto multisite cluster installation

Now, you will need to bind your domain name to the Public IP address of the load balancer.

To do so, you will need to create an A record for your domain that will point to your Load balancer public IP address as shown below:

how to set up cluster wordpress auto

Next, click on the Add-Ons button in the Load Balancer.

Then, click on the Configure button on “Let’s Encrypt Free SSL”.

setting up wordpress auto cluster multisite

Now, provide your custom domain name as shown below:

Next, click on the Apply button to save the changes. After some time, your SSL certificate will be issued and you will be notified via email as shown below:

wordpress auto cluster multisite set up

Configure Multisite Network and Create a Website

Now, Log in to your WordPress Admin Panel using the credentials which you have received via email.

multisite auto set up wordpress cluster

Now, click on the My Sites > Network Admin > Sites page. You should see the main site in the following page:


Now, click on the Add New button to add a new site as shown below:

installation of wordpress multisite cluster

Provide all required information and click on the Add Site button. You should see your newly added site on the following page:

auto setting up wordpress multisite cluster

Bind Custom Domains to Websites

Next, you will need to edit your newly created site and change the site URL with your custom domain name.

Click on the edit button next to You should see the following page:

wordpress set up multisite cluster auto

Now, replace the URL with your domain name and click on the Save Changes button.

Enable CDN for Websites in the Network

Next, you will need to bind a CDN endpoint to your newly created site.

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First, click on the Dashboard menu item. You should see the following page:

multisite wordpress auto cluster configuration

Click on the LiteSpeed Cache => CDN. You should see the following page:

how to configure multisite wordpress auto cluster
multisite wordpress cluster auto configuration

Now, paste the CDN URL from the installation email in the CDN URL field, your custom domain name in the Original URL field and click on the Save Changes button.

You will need to repeat the same steps for each website to bind the CDN.

You can now open your newly created WordPress site using your custom domain name:

multisite wordpress installation cluster auto

You now know how the multisite WordPress cluster auto installation works. Remember, RoseHosting has the best offers when it comes to hassle-free managed WordPress Cloud PaaS hosting solutions. Got any questions? Our award-winning 24/7 support team is here to assist with anything.

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