When Should You Use Cloud Hosting?

when should you use cloud hosting

Wondering what Cloud Hosting is and what it means? It is a type of hosting, but the only difference between web hosting, which offers a single server, and a predetermined amount of resources such as RAM, storage, and CPU, cloud hosting offers a cluster of servers connected with scalable resources.

Although this type of hosting is relatively new, the IT world has been accepting it as an option more and more in the last few years. It is accepted for its scalability, isolated resources, uptime, security, acceptable prices, etc. We know that you are confused, and we know that cloud hosting has a wide meaning, and it is not enough to explain it in one or two sentences. That is why we are writing this for you and why you should start to use cloud hosting as soon as possible.

In the next few paragraphs, we are going to explain the most important concepts of cloud hosting. We are going to dig deeper into the meaning of every notion of the words related to it. The differences between traditional hosting and cloud hosting will be compared, and the advantages of cloud hosting concerning web hosting will be explained in detail.

when to use cloud hosting

Distributed Approach of Web Servers

With traditional web hosting, you have only one web server with predefined resources, and there is a predefined price for that VPS. The configuration of web service and database service is configured in a way to handle very limited requests for the hosted website. If somehow one of the services on the VPS stops by accident, then the website is down. Nonworking websites for big companies and businesses may cost a lot even if the website is offline for 1 minute. Opposite of this is cloud hosting which offers a cluster of servers, and the website is spread across them. Multiple web servers are responsible for the website being up and running 24/7. High traffic is no problem at all since the cluster can handle it very easily. There is zero downtime of the server, and there are only satisfied clients.


No less or more static resources. If your website needs more RAM or CPU, cloud hosting offers a very nice set up to handle this. The same is if you have more than is enough for the website. There is no need to restart the server while the resources are scaled at any time. Web traffic is handled with this option as well because it is hard to predict when a website is most visited. Scalability is key to the cost of the hosting and how it affects will be explained in the continuation of the text.


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The most profitable for the company is when the payment is only for what has been used. No more no less. The scalable resource can increase and decrease the final price. In traditional web hosting, you pay the same price for static resources. Usually, the resources on the server are not used rationally and the price at the end of the month is not real. With Cloud Hosting, this problem is solved by defining a range of prices along with its resource and the application will use the minimal resources according to the needs. Sometimes the prices can be high, but it is up to the needs of the application at some specific time. About specific times we are referring to that sometimes there is a week when some promotion on the website needs to be presented and resources are needed to handle that. The client will only pay a higher price for the resources taken that specific week. Other 3 weeks of the month the prices will be minimal. That is the advantage that Cloud Hosting is offering against traditional web hosting.


Most of the clients will ask themself – Is Cloud Hosting secure? Yes, the websites will be protected in a virtualization layer that can have its security benefits. Please note, the website or the application software should be with up-to-date code and without bugs. The Hosting company and the website owner should take care of the website to be fully secure.

Choosing the right hosting can be individualized according to the needs of the company or individuals. If the clients need scalable resources at any time then Cloud Hosting is the solution. If they want to control their resources and pay for what they used, then again the Cloud Hosting is the right solution. Server uptime is the most important that the users want at the end of the day. All these requirements will be satisfied if you choose to host your websites on the Cloud Hosting platform. This is why and when should all use Cloud Hosting.

how to use cloud hosting

Does RoseHosting offer Cloud Hosting?

Yes, we offer and more information can be found on our Managed Cloud Hosting page. You can ask our expert system admins about any software that you want to use on our Cloud Hosting platform. They are available 24/7, 365 days a year, ready to assist with any questions.

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