Why is a Linux VPS a better choice than a Windows VPS

Linux VPS server better than Windows VPS serverLinux VPS hosting has become very popular among businesses, programmers and developers nowadays, mainly due to its many advantages in terms of cost effectiveness, flexibility, better performance, security, stability, reliability and functionality of course. As an operating system GNU/Linux became the world’s most dominant hosting solution for Internet hosting businesses mainly because of the many benefits you’ll get by using it on your servers.

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So, why is a Linux based VPS better choice than a Windows based VPS?

More Affordable Hosting Solution – GNU/Linux is an open-source software by its nature and as a result of this it doesn’t require licensing fees to download, redistribute and use it. This is one of the main reasons why a Linux VPS Hosting is a better choice for your personal or business needs. By using a Linux based VPS you can significantly reduce your software licensing expenses and improve your profit.

Better Performance – Generally, a Linux VPS is a lot better and faster than a Windows based VPS. Why is it so? For the simple fact that GNU/Linux is less resource hungry, far more capable of supporting very high loads and handling multiple processes at the same time which is a big advantage. You will not have to reboot your Linux VPS every time there is an increased resource usage by your services. Another major point regarding the performance is that it will not progressively degrade over time. Your Linux VPS will stay as fast as when it was initially setup while this is certainly not the case with a Windows VPS.

Maximum Security – When it comes to security, no operating system is a hundred percent secure and thereby GNU/Linux is no exception at all, however security in GNU/Linux is far above the security of a Windows installation. This is due to the way how user’s account privileges are assigned and managed. In Windows generally, an ‘administrator’ access is given to users by default which means they have access to everything on the system even to the most crucial parts. While on the other hand, in Linux, users don’t normally have such ‘administrator’ (root) access by default. So, what this means is even if a Linux VPS is compromised, the intruder or the attacking application will not have ‘administrator’ (root) access so it can’t do extensive system-wide damage but instead, it will only affect the user’s local files and programs. So, it is a big difference between a minor security issue in some user’s home directory (most-likely fault to the user itself) and a major catastrophic security breach to the entire system.

Maximum Uptime, Stability and Reliability – A Linux VPS is far more stable than a Windows VPS, because GNU/Linux is designed for stability. It gives you the peace of mind that your server and your business won’t suffer outages because of the operating system instability. A Linux VPS can be up and running for years without ever been rebooted. A Linux VPS can give you 100% uptime while a Windows VPS is not that stable and reliable and needs to be rebooted after every minor patch, driver update or sometimes (almost everytime) a regular software update. Knowing the fact that a Linux VPS server can be highly configured and optimized makes Linux VPS servers far more reliable than a Windows one.

Multiple choices of different GNU/Linux distributions – Unlike Windows, in the Linux world there are many different Linux distributions to choose from, all of them having all the great features a Linux OS possesses. So, if you are looking for enterprise grade quality, stability and security a CentOS based VPS server or a Debian based VPS server may be what you’re looking for. If you prefer quicker release cycles, upgrading to newer versions more often, then you may want to go with an Ubuntu Linux based VPS server or a Fedora based VPS server . If you feel like being on the bleeding edge, using latest software, and want your server to stay clean and simple then an ArchLinux VPS server might be the right choice for you.

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