VPS Hosting vs Shared Hosting

vps hosting vs shared hosting

A VPS or a virtual private server provides a complete resource isolation, meaning the hardware resources like CPU, hard disk space and memory assigned to a specific virtual server are dedicated and fully available to it at all times. In a shared hosting environment all accounts on the physical server share the resources of the host server and many resources are capped and limited in order to save the host server from unexpected overuse.

Virtual private servers use their own operating system. A full SSH root access to a virtual server gives users ultimate administrative control and flexibility to install/uninstall the server’s software and applications, allowing for customization of server configuration files just like any other Linux stand-alone dedicated server. Shared hosting accounts depend on the OS and packages installed on the host server. All services such as Apache, PHP, MySQL etc. are located on the host server. They are pre-configured and same for all shared hosting accounts, so if a specific version of PHP is offered on a shared hosting server, users will need to make sure that their scripts are compatible with the installed version of PHP.

VPS require some technical knowledge, although can be easily managed with a control panel such as DirectAdmin, cPanel or Webmin. Individuals who are new to Linux administration often find that a virtual server is the best place to start learning without buying and maintaining expensive hardware.

VPS Hosting is inherently more secure and reliable. The performance level of a virtual private server is a lot higher compared to a shared hosting account.

Finally, VPS hosting gives you way more benefits than shared hosting, whether you need a small email server with minimum resource requirements or a web server with enough resources to support heavy traffic and extensive database applications.

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  1. Thank you for such a informative information.But According to me shared hosting is best for beginner (if his site not heavy) because cheap prise.But for heavy sites and application you must go with VPS Hosting


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